FRANK CARSON et al 9-12-2017 (Tom)





Today, we continued the Preliminary Hearing for CHP Officers Scott McFarlane and Eduardo Quintanar. Court was basically on time this morning. It seems that the judge is trying to improve on her chronic tardiness.

Court started at 9:07AM, with Judge Zuniga stating that she would have made it on time if not for an accident on the freeway. I would call her on time this morning.


Steve Jacobson takes the stand, and Marlisa Ferreira has him play a series of wire-tap recordings that were made involving the CHP Officers. Scott McFarlan’s attorney Niemeyer immediately makes an objection about the lack of relevance contained in the tapes. Judge Zuniga rules that she wants to hear the tapes, and will consider throwing them out after listening to them.

I was able to attend the morning session today, and would have attended the afternoon session if anything significant was happening. These recorded calls contained absolutely no incriminating evidence that I could hear. At the Noontime break, I was able to talk to one of the defense attorneys, and was told that we were not even half way done with the recorded telephone calls. Self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook was expected to testify in the afternoon, but the defense attorney did not see how this would be possible today.

We listened to a whole series of recorded cell phone calls that were done to try to collect evidence against the CHP Officers. I would say that the investigators failed miserably in getting anything useful.

The first call was done on 09/15/2012 where we could hear Scott McFarlane speaking to Baljit Athwal and Daljit Atwal. You could hear one of the Athwals saying: “The mother-fuckers attacked my house.” Scott McFarlane: “What happened?” Baljit? “They searched everything.” There was nothing incriminating that I could hear in this conversation. Another call that was played was on the same date, and concerned the search of Pop N Cork Liquors. In that call, Scott McFarlane is heard to say: “I’ll get ahold of Walter, and let him know.”


At this time, Judge Zuniga states: “What is the relevance?” Marlisa Ferreira states that she is trying to show that there existed a network of people working together. Judge Zuniga decides to sustain attorney Niemeyer’s objection to this tape, and she throws it out.

The next intercepted call was a text message that was done on 03/06/15 that concerned a gun that CHP Officer Eduardo Quintanar had sold, but failed to change the name of ownership on. He ended up losing his badge, service gun, ID card, and was fined on this by the CHP. He was able to return to work after having two weeks off without pay.

The next call was done on 036/08/2015 between Eduardo Quintanar and Matthew Keestler. In this call, I could hear Quintanar saying: “Bunch was at my office, and wanted to speak to my supervisor.”

The next call was a message Quentanar left on Mark Frost’s cell phone on 03/5/2015 where he describes how Kirk Bunch came to the Modesto CHP Office and called Matthew Keestler.

The next call was done on 03/14/2015 where Quintanar called Jim Frost and Frost asked him: “What’s going on?” Quentanar could be heard explaining how he had gotten in trouble concerning the sale of the gun, and how he was totally done with that situation, and back to work.

The next call was from Quintanar and CHP Supervisor Serratto how his daughter was throwing up, and how his wife was sick, and how he was going to be a couple of hours late coming into work. This call was done on 03/09/2015.

Another call was played from Quentanar and Serratto that was done on 03/09/2015. Absolutely nothing relevant was contained in this call.

At this time, Judge Zuniga states to Marlisa Ferreira: “You have such a broad theory, this is not relevant, NO.” It is obvious that the judge is not impressed with any of these calls being played.

The next call was done on 03/10/2015 between Eduardo Quintanar and his wife Heather. Heather Quintanar: “Bunch stopped by our house, and I told him that I don’t have to speak to you.” Heather Quentanar: “What have you done?” Eduardo Quintanar: “I have not done anything, I will call the Captain.” During this call, we could hear Heather crying, and she says that Kirk Bunch said: “Your husband is going to be arrested.” Eduardo Quintanar: “He is full of shit.” Eduardo Quintanar: “Go on Youtube and look, he is a scum bag.” I would agree. It is now time for our 11:00AM fifteen-minute break.

After the break, we hear a message that Quentanar left for Mark Frost where he describes the “Fiasco at my house.” He describes how Bunch threatened his arrest to his wife, and how his wife was crying. He wants Frost to call him back.

The next call was from Quintanar to Serratto where he requests his help, and describes the incident at his house. Serratto calls him back on the same day, and tells him he does not have to talk to Bunch, and his wife does not have to talk to Bunch. Serratto I believe says: “He is a fucking nut job.” I would agree given his Psychiatric history. Serratto: “The DA’s Office has no idea.” Serratto: “Fucking file a restraining order.”

On 03/10/2015 a call from Quentanar to Serratto was recorded. Serratto is heard saying: “Don’t make any contact with this dude.”

There is another call on 03/10/2015 from Quentanar to Matthew Keestler where Quentanar tells him what has happened at his home. Keestler tells Quintanar: “He probably has the phone tapped.” Quentanar: “I don’t do criminal shit.”

Another call from Quentanar to female CHP Officer Cindy White was done on 03/10/2015 where Quintanar tells her the same story.

The next call was done on 03/10/2015. It was from Mark Frost to Eduardo Quintana. Frost: “They took everything from Walter Wells, and sent him home on administrative leave.” Quintanar: “I don’t want that shit to happen to me.”

The last call that we heard in the morning session was done on 03/10/2015. It was from Eduardo Quintanar and his wife Heather. In this call, Heather can be heard describing how a neighbor came by. His name was Mike. Heather describes how Mike had told her: “Bunch is a good guy.” Mike had been spoken to by Detective Jon Evers. The detectives were trying to get to her through her neighbors. We are now done with the morning session. I will be back in the morning for more fun and games (I wish.)


Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)