By Marty Carlson


The afternoon session started with the continuation of a wiretap phone call of Quintanar talking to his wife. She was concerned about Kurt Bunch going to her job in creating the same type of issues for her that apparently is happening to Eduardo. Her comment seemed a little bit disillusioned about what was going on and by saying they are all law enforcement officers and supposed to be on the same team and same side. Quintanar was continually trying to reassure her that he has done nothing wrong, and has stopped hanging out with the people that are allegedly involved in this investigation. In addition, he has changed CHP offices.

All the recordings basically say the same things and I’m going to list the date and times and who was in the recording that a synopsis of what was said.

Recording at

March 10, 2015 at 2026 hrs. Quintanar talking to somebody by the name of Cerrado.

March 10, 2015 at 2029 hrs. Quintanar talking to Sgt. Green

March 10, 2015 at 2226 hrs. Quintanar talking to somebody by the name of Charlie I did not catch the last name.

Those phone calls were in regard to talking to the command level in the California Highway Patrol advising what had happened and what his options were. Quintanar felt that Kurt Bunch had gotten out of hand by talking to his wife and telling her that he had been lying to her and he was about to be arrested was inappropriate and he was out of control, he also stated to all the folks listed above that Kirk Bunch had said all these in front of his daughter, and knew that he was at work when he went to his house.

The next recording March 11, 2015 at 0827 hrs. talking to Roberto Iniguez this was a text message Quintanar had sent to Iniguez where he stated he would not open the door for you these investigators unless the Sgt. was present, and just simply wanted to be able to step back and calm down.

The next recording March 11, 2015 in the same line of text messages they were joking about if they came back again it would end up being a swat callout.

The continued texting said he would melt down the barrel of his AR LOL. And they continue to joke how it would be equipped with a recording device like a go Pro.

At this time, the district attorney asked Steve Jacobson if Quintanar had an AR 15 there is multiple objections as to relevance and the judge said it is not relevant to what they are charged with.

And then in the continued texting messages and again asked what did you do and what is the issue? Quintanar responded by saying he thinks I am involved in a missing person case, and in a guess responded no ship. They went on to talk about the people at pop and cork that had been arrested but then let go because he knew their rights.

Apparently, the judge stated that the complete text in the messages is not in the transcript and Steve Jacobson was reading the transcript offer his computer with the transcript to be provided later.

There was another wiretap phone recording on March 11, 2015 at 0850 hrs., I’m not sure who the conversation was with, there were discussing how arrests or detained people are told they do not need to talk to law enforcement in usually they are free to leave if simply detained. And it all comes down to what is can be proven in court not what is thought in your mind.

An additional wiretap recording from March 11, 2015 at 1404 hrs. Quintanar is talking to a James Woodley. Quintanar is talking about Kurt Bunch in the situation that has occurred in the situation Bunch is trying to put him in. He was continually talking about the situation with Bunch trying to talk to his wife and what he tried to pull. Then they had a long conversation in regard to Walter Wells and his situation of being on administrative leave. They again went into a long drawn out conversation in regard to Kurt Bunch and his activities.

At this time, the district attorney asked Steve Jacobson if Quintanar had sat down with investigators for an interview, which led to multiple objections as to know foundation or relevance to this line that she is pursuing now. The judge advised the district attorney that she is again trying to get hearsay evidence through Steve Jacobson based on what another 115 officer had told her, and that was an issue that came up last week that she told is not allowed.

The next recording was on March 12, 2015 at 0905 hrs. it was Quintanar talking to a gentleman by the name of Frost, I’m not sure to which one there are two that he was communicating with. They were talking about the Walter Wells situation and a problem child who may be what Frost thought was a “black guy.” But apparently, he had been mistaken about who Bunch was. Frost was commenting with things like Kirk Bunch needs his ass tuned up especially after the Walter Wells situation. Then general conversations they had about other office business.

The next phone call was at March 13, 2015 at 1722 hrs. Quintanar is talking to Roberto is a guess again. And right at the start the judge had him stop the audio and advised the district attorney that the people transcribing the audio are again putting personal opinions in parentheses in the transcripts, as he had done before and is not appropriate and wants it removed. At that time, they went through the transcript to repair the mistakes.

Again, there was a repeated conversation about Kurt Bunch’s activities and may be Quintanar needed a TRO and they discussed the neighbor a little bit. They also discussed about Quintanar being sure to keep command in the loop about what was going on, and he stated that when he was constantly doing and had been doing the last few days.

Next conversation is March 15, 2000 15 1528 hours Quintanar talking to a James Woodley. At this time, the judge asked the DA if this was just another call where they are sitting around complaining about Kurt Bunch. She has listened to repetitive calls saying the same thing over and over again. Marlisa Ferreira told the judge that Quintanar is using command to protect him and his lies keep growing bigger. She said CHP policy was to cooperate but Quintanar never did. She then went into a long narrative about Quintanar’ s activities from 2012 and now.

Judge Zuniga advised her is getting cumulative. Mme. district attorney kept interrupting the judge in fact was begging the judge not to strike any further recordings as she will see if she lets them play them they have a value. The judge repeated again it’s getting cumulative and there better be some different information.

The next call was on March 16, 2015 in 1955 hrs. Quintanar was talking to a Chris node. There were discussing work issues and internal affairs search of Walter Wells was car and locker and his administrative suspension. Then there was basic conversation after. Node noted that he had had conversation with Kurt Bunch before and was familiar.

The next conversation was March 17, 2015 2101 hrs. Quintanar talking to Mark Frost. They were talking about Quintanar getting sent home at the end of his shift under suspension by internal affairs. The notice that they gave him was for dishonesty in 2012. Mark Frost was giving advice and stating that Kurt Bunch had been complaining about Quintanar, and Quintanar was taken off the job with pay. He was sent home before his tickets and reports were finished, they said they take care of them.

That was the end of the day as some of these recordings I abbreviated but were basically the same information repetitively and as you see Jim Cook was scheduled to be in this afternoon at 13:30hrs and obviously did not happen.

The judge inquired of Mme. DA of how many more recording she had and she stated that she had six more warnings and stated they would not take very long but again that’s what she said the last court date saying the wiretaps would to be done in half a day today.

Court was then put in recess to be back in session at 9 AM tomorrow.