By Marty Carlson


Recently a click bait headline was put out by the Modesto bee, saying “if you commit a crime there’s a good chance you’re on camera”

the article goes on to say that there placing cameras in certain neighborhoods is a crime-fighting aid the police department.

They say will be an integral part of the departments real-time crime center – where officers can access live feeds of six cameras and they can also access other existing cameras throughout the city.

The police department is also partnered with Ontel and rank security companies to gain access to their camera feeds.

It gives me peace of mind to know that if I do not commit a crime, based on this headline, I will not be on camera.

Just a typical headline from the now struggling Modesto bee to try to influence people to click on their articles that have become extremely pathetic of late.

It’s not responsible journalism in the same way they sell massive advertising to malware infested websites. Be sure to use ad blockers and keep antivirus updated when using the Modesto bee.


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