By Marty Carlson


This the afternoon session started it 1345 hrs. and there were discussing some general business and scheduling issues and he got more confusing on the scheduling as it seems to do as we go along.

One thing I know for sure right now is we are in session tomorrow, also in session Thursday to finish Eduardo’s Quintanar’s prelim. I have talked to a couple people to get some scheduling dates to confirm the actual court dates, because many dates they throw out are briefing deadline dates.

The judge also inquired with Mme. DA about returning Frank Carson’s cell phones which they said they had no problem doing and would do so today. Marlisa Ferreira stated that Cory Brown has been back east taking custody of a suspect and is been tied up in another court today on that matter. The judge told her those cell phones will be turned tomorrow without a doubt.

At this time, with an attorney for the Atty. Gen.’s office present, they had started a recusal motion, which was for recusing the District Attorney’s Office from this case that had been filed sometime back, and there’d been many different motions by different attorneys in this regard.

They started with a motion that was originally filed by attorney Pori. It went through each paragraph in the motion and the judge was striking probably 95% of them. I am not aware of what was being stricken because they were not orally reciting the paragraphs. This was done in preparation for the recusal motion that they’re going to have and what evidence the judge can consider in that motion and the judge also taking judicial notice on several items.

The second motion was made by Martha Magana, and it was dated around August 29, 2015. Again, they went down the motion paragraph by paragraph striking most of them as irrelevant.

This is the extent of today’s afternoon court and we will do it all again tomorrow at 9:30 AM, but I believe they have two more motions to go through before arguments.

I also apologize for not being able to get the morning audio report up as I was having problems uploading the file, I attempted for an hour and I finally gave up and did so when I got home.

Court back at 9:30 AM tomorrow