The judge arrived on time this morning in court was started about 0946 hrs. The first started talking about the stipulated transcripts some of the wiretaps between Quintanar and I forget the name of the other gentlemen that was involved in this phone call.

The wiretap was played was on an known date between Quintanar and another gentleman, and they were talking general work stuff, some personal stuff, they did a lot of talking about the guns and ammunition as there both sound like there are heavily into firearms. He talked about somebody that was throwing a party because they were going back to work, it was called “back to work Bitches party.”

Again, they talked about ammunition and supplies and costs just general gun conversation, and they talked a little bit about the investigators and Marlisa in the unhappiness it’s in the office due to some of the pressures has been put on. They also discussed a Lieut. from the CHP office that everybody hates because he is such a “Dick.”

It was a real short conversation lasted maybe five minutes they then did some corrections in the transcript of the phone call and then both sides stipulated that investigators Kirk Bunch and Jon Evers interviewed Quintanar on March 24, 2015 at the Modesto CHP office. During that interview Kurt Bunch showed the arrest warrants for the Atwahl brothers signed by Judge Rigby. At that no further testimony was taken and final arguments will be on October 18 at 1330 hrs.

It was also noted that yesterday, as required by Judge Zuniga, the District Attorney’s Office returned to cell phones to Frank Carson. They had had the cell phones for over two years and they agreed to release them. One belonging to Frank Carson and had been smashed and or broken, the second belong to Christine DeFilippo and apparently was still in good working order. I was also told the judge Zuniga was not happy and the condition of Frank Carson cell phone when it was returned.

At this time they returned to the recusal motion and they were working on a Frank Carson declaration, on page 4 of 14 pages. Again they were going through each paragraph line by line and the judge was striking some allowing some and again it was a watch the paint dry moment.

One thing of note during this conversation about the visit by investigators to Frank Carson’s office, Marlisa Ferreira felt the need to explain the judge what hearsay means and what is allowed in court. And the judge was advising her that she needs to read up because she’s misunderstanding what it means. Mme. DA continued to insist on making her point and judge Zuniga was obviously getting aggravated. The judge also noted and admonished that Mme. DA for her asking her to repeat on every ruling that she makes, many times because she’s talking to somebody next to her and doesn’t listen.

I went through that painful exercise for a while and when they broke for lunch I decided just go ahead and leave and it will be continued tomorrow. Once I get done with Frank Carson’s declaration and they have the declarations of the District Attorney’s Office to go through in the same way.

Court is to be held again tomorrow at 9:30 AM.