A California court has dismissed an Antifa leader’s temporary restraining order against University of California-Berkeley College Republicans president Troy Worden.

Yvette Felarca, a prominent figure in the Antifa movement, accused the College Republicans of stalking, harassment, and intimidation while securing the restraining order. Felarca has been arrested twice this year and was recently charged with “battery and resisting arrest” during a September 2017 “Victory March” march in Berkeley.

Worden’s attorney argued there is no evidence to support Felarca’s accusation.

“We got video evidence showing that the things that she said happened did not happen,” the attorney continued, referring to Felarca’s accusations. “The evidence is going to be, hopefully, very clear that the whole reason why she brought this is because she was trying to shut down the free speech rights of the Berkeley College Republicans.”

According to Worden’s attorney, the court dismissed the restraining order after learning that the activist “tried to further circumvent California law by obtaining an extension to the temporary restraining order without notifying the court.”

“Today I appeared before the Court and argued that the restraining order needed to be terminated,” attorney Mark Meuser told Campus Reform. “The Court said that they were not notified of Felarca’s out of state attorney’s games and quickly granted the motion.”

Despite the ruling, Felarca is still attempting to secure a permanent restraining order against Worden in the near future.

“We are looking forward to presenting evidence before the court that the facts contained in Felarca’s sworn statement only occurred in one place in this universe, her head and in the heads of her fellow conspirators—other By Any Means Necessary national leaders,” the attorney argued.

Meuser said the temporary restraining order was served shortly after members of the College Republicans attempted to attend a secret BAMN meeting where plans were being made to disrupt an event that the College Republicans were hosting.

“Felarca tried to use university resources to have a secret meeting to shut down the Shapiro event,” Meuser explained.

“The College Republicans decided to not be intimidated and By Any Means Necessary attempted to use force to block the College Republicans,” he continued. “When the college police informed By Any Means Necessary that they were violating school policy Troy was soon thereafter served with a temporary restraining order.”

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