I was in the courtroom yesterday, but coming down with some sort of stomach ailment. Listening to Marlisa Ferreira, and her outrageous arguments made me physically ill. I am better this morning, and I will try to give you a short opinion piece of what I think is happening. Marty Carlson has provided you with an excellent account of the details of what happened yesterday, so I will not try to duplicate what has already been done.

My impression of what I witnessed yesterday is that Marlisa Ferreira was doing everything she could to take up as much time as she could. She literally did not leave the defense attorneys very much time to present their arguments. I found her arguments to be filled with untruths, and her assumptions to be absurd. She seemed to be trying everything she could to get the judge to issue holding orders on the very thinnest technicalities of the law.

At times yesterday, I felt that the judge was seeing through the smoke and mirrors Marlisa was trying to use. At other times, I saw a judge that seems to be determined to issue holding orders.

I was particularly upset about Judge Zuniga’s reluctance to take up the issue of sanctions. Sanctions were supposed to be dealt with yesterday, but once again, Judge Zuniga refused to allow them to be discussed. This issue was moved once again to November 14th. There is much to be done on that day, and I don’t have any faith in Judge Zuniga to actually impose any sanctions against the prosecution. She seems to be doing everything she can to keep this freight train rolling down the tracks, and issuing sanctions will complicate her plans.

Defense attorney Robert Forkner wants the computers that were seized from Frank Carson returned. They have been searched extensively, and have been in the possession of the DA’s Office for over two years. Marlisa Ferreira wants to search the computers using a different key word. Judge Zuniga stated that Marlisa will have to seek a new search warrant from another judge in order to do this expanded search. This issue is going to be taken up again on November 14th. There was some talk from Robert Forkner about having all the papers being sent to a neutral magistrate.

Next Tuesday, at 10:00AM, I expect Judge Zuniga will defy all logic and hold Eduardo Quintanar and possibly Scott McFarlane over for trial. There really is no evidence to support holding orders, but I have the feeling that she is determined to find a way to justify insanity. In the end, a jury of twelve sane people will put an end to this travesty of justice.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)