The Merced Police Union is accusing Joseph Deliman of booking lavish trips and limo services over a period of 10 years using their money.

Deliman was not just a homicide detective. He was also the union president and treasurer. Other board members are stepping forward accusing him of abusing power to steal thousands of union dollars.

Within the month after retiring from the Merced Police Department, Joseph Deliman found himself on the other end of a criminal investigation. One brought on by his former co-workers and Police Chief.
This affidavit filed by the California attorney general’s office shows the investigation began in August.

As soon as he left his post with the Merced Police Officers’ Association. New union leaders say they started finding discrepancies in financial records.

Some of the files weren’t complete. Then they found questionable transactions.

According to the affidavit, Deliman had a union credit card in his name that no one else knew about.

New board members say he used that card to book personal trips to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and order limo services.

Deliman was not home when we reached out for comment. The union and multiple law enforcement agencies all declined to comment.

The affidavit alleges that Deliman embezzled more than $140,000.

Investigators with the AG’s office questioned Deliman earlier this month–the same day they served a search warrant. There have been no charges filed.

After retiring from the Merced Police Department, Deliman went to go work for the district attorney’s office. He is now on administrative leave. The state attorney general’s office says they are still investigating.

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  1. Well, well, well. Now we have the state attorney general’s office investigating a crooked cop in Merced County. This guy Deliman flees from the Merced Police Department is after embezzling who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars. He certainly joined a fine group of reprobate law enforcement officers led by the head reprobate, Larry Morse II.
    Morse and his reprobate “klan” protected a crooked Deputy Sheriff who filed a felony false police report that cause an innocent person to post an excessive amount of bail because of the deputy sheriffs false statements. That lying Deputy Sheriff is still out there today filing false reports against innocent citizens.
    I submitted the complete package and my report along with a video that verified and confirmed that the deputy sheriff made false statements through the office of the then state Atty. Gen. kamala “worthless” harris in Sacramento. BTW, no respect, no caps. The package was returned to me three days later with a letter from one of her sock puppets saying I had to take the case to the county in which the offense occurred.
    Ain’t that a knee slapper. The state attorney general that is supposed to investigate crooked law enforcement personnel refused to do it. Worthless harris has now been elected to the U.S. Senate so she can continue to neglect her lawful duties but make more money at it.
    For information: I have the complete package showing the crooked Deputy Sheriff and I would be glad to share it with anyone.
    In a quote from the newspaper: “more than one of the officers described deliman as one of the most well-liked guys in the department”. So this nice guy in pat you on the back with the one hand and pick your pocket with the other. I’m sure Larry Morse is very proud of his new reprobate that is now unpaid administration leave. How’s that working out for you taxpayers?

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