The hearing finally starting around 10:55 AM with Frank Carson addressing the court saying most of the property has been located and returned but there is still no bond tracker program that has been returned to a AJ Pontillo as of yet. Deputy DA Jeff Legaro, stated that the paperwork from the FBI showed that the property seized during the search warrant had been returned in January 2015.

He noted that all the hard drives and the programs taken originally after the hard drives had been imaged by the Department of Insurance. DOI apparently does not want to give up the drives themselves. He stated it appeared that the Department of Insurance was requiring a court order to return the property.

Frank Carson noted that the hard drive situation from the amount of time that’s past may make them outdated so it is redundant probably anyway. He’s asking the Department of Insurance to provide copies and if need be he would even be willing to pay for the equipment needed to copy them.

The DA stated that some of the hydrides have been returned to someone by the name of Linda Stevenson it was a name that I had not heard before, and it appears are still trying to figure it out.

But the main reason they were here is to find out where the bond tracker program is that AJ uses in his bail bonds business. DA investigator Steve Jacobson had written a report stating that he had use the bond tracker program during the Cory Kaufman case. At this time Steve Jacobson took the stand.

Frank Carson asked investigator Jacobson if he had use that program in AJ’ case around December 2014 after he had been acquitted. He stated he had not use the program, but he had told another officer to do so. When inquired about a report that he had written in regards to that subject he stated that he had signed off on that report that he has access that program to search for people in the Korey Kaufman homicide.

The district attorney objected saying the Frank Carson in his motion stated that AJ is only one license allowed to use and run names, and Frank Carson is claiming Steve Jacobson was using the program after AJ is acquitted, and in other cases and that is not true. Frank Carson noted that Steve Jacobson said he had done it but now says another officer had access the software. Frank Carson asked if the program or software was using any of the case and I noticed that Steve Jacobson was getting extremely aggravated and grimacing badly on the stand, something I noticed he does not done before.

In fact, when Frank Carson asked him a question he would repeat and rephrase the question leading to constant objections by Frank Carson. Basically, he said there was no use of the software in any other case only in the Cory Kaufman and Pontillo case. Frank Carson also asked if the report that was written contains a total amount of use of that program, examining the possibility of any other use in any other cases unrelated to these people. Steve Jacobson stated it was not used anywhere else in the District Attorney’s Office did not keep a copy of the program at any time, but then admitted they had used it. He stated that the Department of Insurance had the sole copy of the bond tracker program. But then later said that the FBI had a copy, and then the department assurance also had a copy.

Steve Jacobson stated the department assurance received the software after the FBI had seized it during a search warrant. Frank Carson then asked Steve Jacobson if he had taken any of the drugs that were seized during the searches. Steve Jacobson said he did not participate using the drugs or the destruction of those same drugs.

Also noted during this time Steve Jacobson was making direct comments to Frank Carson like “you mean the homicide that your accused of” which led to objections of course. In a couple of the exchanges led to some responses from the gallery which was plentiful at the time, mostly attorneys.

Investigator Jacobson also noted that the department of insurance could not get the program to work until they retain one from the manufacturer, but still never did explain if we had a search warrant to access that information, which is highly confidential information, or if they had a warrant to use AJ Pontillo’s logons and licensing numbers in the software and noted to at this time Steve Jacobson was getting extremely frustrated and was giving long narrative type answers, and using a lot of sarcasm towards Frank Carson.

Frank Carson also noted that they had to access AJ’s particular logons to look at the people they were interested in looking at. Frank Carson also inquired if he would use that software prior to 2014 and he stated he had not. Frank Carson again noted that a report written in February 2015 says that Jacobson had use the software, but now is saying somebody else had done it in his direction.

There were multiple objections at this point by the district attorney stating that this is an issue that Frank Carson needs to take up with the FBI and the Department of Insurance, and I noted Steve Jacobson had a constant grimace on his face and looked extremely aggravated.

And Frank Carson noted to the court what is being testified to now is not what was said report. Frank Carson requested another hearing be held as they need to bring the other investigator in that was directed to access the software according to Steve Jacobson at this point.

Jacobson also noted he did not recall if he had told the other agent by the name of the Reniscus (sp?) In person or on the phone, or in writing to look at the software.

Very contentious hearing the lasted about 40 minutes this is been rescheduled for another hearing on January 8 at 8:30 AM in department seven.



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