By Marty Carlson


Here is a brief report on note much happening in the afternoon.

The afternoon session started about 1:47 PM and the judge was looking at the crime scene photos, these particular photos to start with were from Cooley’s yard towards Carson’s house and vice a versa. I was not able to see the photos nor get their numbers to exactly what they were even though there was some discussion.

They then went on to some Mariposa County crime scene photos that were taken by Stanislaus County investigators. There is a large number of photos in it look like more than half were being removed for various reasons, some were blurry some were just not relevant or duplicates.

Then they showed Mariposa counties crime scene photos where they are going through the same type of issues and trying to narrow some of them down.

Also noted by the judge, and confirmed by Marlisa Ferreira, there appeared to be a tooth from a bear embedded in the back of the skull of the decedent.

They went on to do more photos there was no real information being revealed and I finally left as far as I know to be returned at 9 o’clock tomorrow.