FRANK CARSON et al 12-8-2017 pm


by Marty Carlson


The afternoon session was scheduled to started 1:45 PM and got started around 1:50pm

It started out with a long discussion about the tables they’re going to be used during the trial. Apparently, there has not been an agreement between internees what to use, and the district attorney’s office has some long tables that are little bit bigger than the one to currently are using to accommodate all their computers and such. Next Thursday and afternoon timeslot has been set aside to check out the tables because it needs to be approved by Judge Zuniga. The District Attorney’s Office is providing the labor to bring in the new tables.

Now back to the photos:

there was a photo of a side view and roof and table of the unit behind 838 9th St. and the DA wants to use that to show a reference point for the area Kathy Grinolds had referred to.

Percy Martin has argued an objection stating that Kathy Grinolds lives on the opposite side of that unit and that picture does not by any way shape or form show her perspective and what she may have seen. Marlisa Ferreira did note that Kathy Grinolds’s lives on the other side and 914 9th St.

That was the last of that particular folder of pictures and a new stack was presented to the judge to go through.

This stack was labeled as a night street side DOJ images July 15, 2012.

They were going through photos and apparently the view was of 914 9th St. exterior and the view of the 838 roof and table.

Percy Martin is noted there is one picture of a plowed field that is actually Mr. Borba, the neighbor’s property. Mr. Borba always kept property plowed constantly, and the defense request of pics to be allowed in to show the property had been always plowed for many years. There was a large number of pictures they went through them and greed on the ones to be shown to the jury.

The judge noted there were several pictures showing the same tree just in different angles and they did pick out just a couple to show as it’s the same thing.

Again, another pack of photos was picked up the gone through there wherefrom again 914 9th St. and that’s about the time we took a break.

At that time, it was a little before 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I decided I was not getting much information to relate to people so I left for the day.

Court will be continued next Tuesday at 9:30 AM.

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