by Marty Carlson


I’m sure many of you have noted that have started advertising through WordPress and taking on sponsors. I always said I would never do such a thing but to keep disseminating this information of the Frank Carson et al trial that is coming up I need to raise some funds, and donations have come to a stop.

Someone recently suggested to me that we ask people to make monthly donation to Dawgs Blog in support of keeping this information flowing. There are constant expenses in regard to simply going to court, web site costs, supplies, printing materials, Podcasts, boosting posts on Facebook, the occasional purchase of court records like transcripts and other things, and many more.

If anybody is willing to make that type of obligation, which can also be done anonymously (please note if you do), please contact me either on my Facebook page, or you can email me at , or you can send donations through the mail to PO Box 1115, Hughson, Ca. 95326. I also have a go fund me page that’s been up for some time with no activity for almost a year. 

I also understand there are people who cannot help.

I do not ask you to give anything more than you can afford, and there can be a full accounting at any time upon request. Note too: I am now turning Dawgs Blog into a business and have obtained a business license and all the proper government requirements, like the IRS. Make check out to Marty Carlson Services.

I am not personally trying to make money I am just trying to cover expenses as I am a sole proprietor of this business and not giving myself an income. All monies will be paid out for the website and dissemination of this information.

I appreciate the support that many people have given me, and I am personally here for the long haul to see this case through.

Any help that anybody can provide in regard to these matters would be deeply appreciated.