Last night I re started the podcasts and had some interesting conversation and announced Dawgs Blog endorsement for Patrick Kolasinski who is running for District attorney in Stanislaus county. Three candidates are running, and I think there are some good challengers running against the current DA.

As you all know I interviewed two of the three candidates and even though John Mayne did an outstanding job and was very respectful considering the situation and what he had been told about me. He also decided to find out for himself instead of listening to idle gossip and slander. That did carry a lot of weight with me and he gained my respect.

Patrick Kolasinski has a strong background in technology, and administration, and the DA in any county is an administrative position more than anything. He also brings a young mindset and talking to him a strong sense of confidence to handle a very difficult job.

The third candidate would not return my messages for an interview, so I cannot even consider endorsing someone who refused to talk to me. That tells a bit of a story there.

Also, we had a variety of information talked about including San Joaquin county sheriff Steve Moore and the issues up there.

I had mentioned I was thinking of having a podcast every court night instead of written reports to save me some time and wear and tear, as this will be a long haul. That is my plan currently. Again, I am open to all suggestions from people who have constructive criticism to get this information out.

The next planned podcast is Monday January 8th at 6:00pm. Thais the day AJ Pontillo’s next court day is, then back on Frank Carson et al on the 9th to continue the motions.

I can schedule a podcast very quickly if need be if something comes up.

Again, input from people is key to this please let me know.