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The mother and brother of deceased Stockton Unified School District Police Sergeant Kimberly Pinto say they have always believed from the very beginning something was wrong about the investigation surrounding Kimberly’s December 20, 2012 death.

They had been demanding a copy of the San Joaquin County coroner and autopsy report since 2013, but did not receive the coroner’s report until June 2017. The five-page autopsy report didn’t arrive until September 2017.

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Emma Pinto says the physical description of the body in the autopsy does not match her daughter. Emma’s son Richard Pinto agrees.

Stockton Unified School District Police Sergeant Kimberly Pinto’s brother, Richard Pinto, was first notified his sister was killed on December 20, 2012 at approximately 5:45, in a two-car accident in Lodi by seeing it on television at approximately 11:00 am that same cold Thursday morning.

It wasn’t until a couple hours after her identify had been announced on television that Sgt. Pinto’s supervisor, SUSD Lt. Frank Gordo, made the first official death notification to Sgt. Pinto’s mother and brother, who reside in Sacramento.


“Kimberly was going to testify against Lt. Frank Gordo. Kimberly had been telling us she was receiving anonymous death threats, and was expecting retaliation at work” said Kimberly Pinto’s brother, Richard Pinto, in a tearful phone interview with 209 Times that Mr. Pinto initiated.

Richard Pinto said his mother and him felt it added insult to injury that it was “Kimberly’s arch enemy” who showed up a couple hours after the family had already learned about her death on television.

“Gordo handed my mother a wad of money that apparently had Kimberly’s blood on it and said “your daughter wasn’t wearing a seat belt and this was all her fault”. He proceeded to stand in my mother’s yard and laugh with a San Joaquin County Deputy as my mother was left crying in her house. We never were allowed to identify or see Kimberly’s body, as Lt. Gordo had apparently already made the identification, moments after the crash.”

This evening, Kimberly Pinto’s brother Richard Pinto and his mother Emma Pinto met with me in person and provided me with copies of the Sheriff’s Coroner’s and Autopsy reports. “We had been asking for these since 2013, and finally received the coroner’s report and then the autopsy about four months ago. CHP not only refused to give us their report, somebody told us they “threw it away”. Richard went on to say that “CHP has hung up on both my mother and I when we call.”.

209 Times reviewed documentation and oral presentations provided by the Pinto family that suggests San Joaquin County autopsy 2012-2838 (SJO12-049), that was performed by Arnold R Josselson, M.D. on 12/20/2012 at 1025 hours was conducted on some unknown female other than Kimberly Pinto.

Note: 209 Times has made no attempt to obtain the CHP report.

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Here is the Stockton record  newspaper account of what happened on September 20, 2012:

A highly regarded officer who became the first female sergeant in the history of Stockton Unified’s police force died early Thursday in a two-vehicle crash on Highway 99 in Lodi as she drove to work. Kim Pinto, 39, had been with the Stockton Unified force since 2008 and was promoted to sergeant last year. The Sacramento resident was a graduate of University of the Pacific and served on the police force there before being hired by Stockton Unified. “Kimberly Pinto stood tall in our department,” Stockton Unified Police Chief Jim West said. “A natural and talented leader, Kim had all the attributes to be chief one day. Kim brought humor, drive and competence to everything she undertook. She will be deeply missed both personally and professionally by all who knew her.” Witnesses told the California Highway Patrol that Pinto, driving a 2003 Honda Accord, was speeding and shifting from lane to lane on southbound Highway 99 to get around slower traffic before the crash. As she entered Lodi, witnesses said, Pinto drove up behind a 2012 Dodge Avenger traveling at 65 mph. The driver of the Dodge changed lanes to get out of Pinto’s way, according to witnesses, but she switched lanes, too.

The front of Pinto’s car struck the left rear corner of the Dodge, according to witnesses, and slammed into a large tree on the left shoulder of the road. Pinto was not wearing a seat belt, according to the CHP. The Dodge, driven by 26- year-old Michael Quackenbush of Galt, also struck a tree, the CHP reported, but he was wearing his seat belt and was not injured.

Drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash, the CHP said