Doug Barton started in the tile business in 1978 working in a warehouse.

He moved his way up to a branch manager in 1980.

In 1989 he moved on to working in installations with various contractors, learning the different techniques from each one, as each one had different techniques.

In 1990 he was hired at Merced Tile Supply to eventually take over the business as the then owners were looking at retirement.

Merced Tile Supply is a bit different I guess from your traditional tile stores as they deal with more of a quality of tile as opposed to a quantity of tile. That means they deal with quality tile and vendors as opposed to a lot of places dealing with what they can buy and sell cheap with no regard to quality.

Doug has been in the industry for 40 years and have seen a lot of changes, but one thing that will not change with Merced Tile Supply is their attention to quality.

With a showroom that is second to none, they show tile in a well-presented style as opposed to a come and see what’s on the shelf look.

And Doug says:

“As styles change, so does our showroom. We strive to stay on top of current trends in tile.

We have the tile to suit your style.”

You cannot go wrong with Merced Tile Supply


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