Frank Fenn

(as provided by the ex-wife)

Recently Dawgs Blog was contacted by a local resident in regard to a serious issue that occurred on or about November 2000, then escalated from there.

A letter was received by the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department by a relative of a six-year-old they were trying to locate, due to the mother having passed away of a drug overdose. The mother had passed in 1998. Eventually the relative was successful in locating the six-year-old and another sibling. They had been placed in the care of a Josephine Origel. Miss Origel was convicted of abusing the sister and was placed in foster, they lost track of the six-year-old whose name was Megan.

During the latter part of 1999, probably in December, the relative had contacted the crimes against children unit of the Stanislaus County sheriff’s office, namely Sgt. Frank Fenn. The relative had made numerous calls to Sgt. Fenn requesting assistance in locating the girl, and an attached telephone records showing five calls made to the Sgt.’s office.

Mrs. Ford states she spoke to Sgt. Fenn and Sgt. Fenn had responded by telling her that he would look into the matter. In addition he advised he would contact her with any information that he had uncovered through the school system. Mrs. Ford, and phone records reflect that he never did recontact her again. Mrs. Ford also indicated she had left more messages than what the records that she had revealed.

In December 1999, Megan Mendez would have been six years old. With the information that was revealed to Sgt. Fenn it sounds like he had a duty to at least check on the welfare of that child.

Apparently due to what some have called negligence a report was not filed until the following March of 2000.

Mrs. Ford, Megan’s relative, felt that she had no alternative to investigate on her own, citing that she was not getting any assistance from Sgt. Fenn in the crimes against children’s unit of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. Mrs. Ford had contacted several schools in the Modesto area in an attempt to locate Megan, and eventually became in contact with Modesto detective Jim Waterman. Eventually this led to a contact with the detective Wood where a missing child report was finally filed.

Through Detective Woods investigation it was discovered Megan Mendez was found to be a murder victim and was located buried in the rear yard of Josephine Origel’s house.

Sgt. Frank Fenn was interviewed regarding this incident in February 2001, he stated he did not remember receiving any telephone calls or messages or any information regarding this case. Though there were records of calls made to the unit by sources from inside and outside the department, Sgt. Fenn still had no recollection of the case.

Sources reveal Sgt. Fenn received a disciplinary letter citing lack of diligence and responsibility of his duties. It was also noted his lack of memory does not remove responsibility. The letter was placed in his personnel file.

The former wife of Sgt. Fenn also has on numerous occasions tried to report incidents of domestic violence, on several occasions, to the Sheriff’s Department. The first noted time being December 2010, though there were occasions prior to that. In April 2011 she was violently attacked by her estranged husband, Sgt. Frank Fenn, where her head was slammed into a tile floor after forcing his way into the house. She also noted that he had struck her multiple times with his fist while she was on the floor after he had used a police type takedown of her. See video:

Sgt. Fenn weighed approximately 250 pounds at the time, the wife was weighing about 110 pounds. The attack was not stopped until her three kids had intervened and in fact they also receive some injuries. All retreated into a separate room and locked the door behind them fearing for their safety as the attacker continued to scream at them through the door, and he finally left when he was advised law enforcement had already been called.

Injuries received by the wife included abrasions contusions and a severe concussion. She is currently still receiving treatment for those injuries and has constant vertigo and migraines.

In June 2011 Sgt. Frank Fenn had illegally forced entry into her house at 3:40 AM. This entry was done in uniform, on-duty, and he was also acting watch commander for the entire shift that night. The wife was awoken with a set of keys that was thrown at her that it hit her in the mouth. Again, another altercation that erupted where she, and her son, were attacked. She felt that she was going to be physically harmed, possibly more, as he was ranting and raving at the foot of her bed. She then pulled out her cell phone and began recording the exchange, though it doesn’t show the entire episode here is a partial video of that exchange, note he shuts the light off:

Sgt. Fenn had some time back had moved into a mutually owned property right next door to the wife, she constantly heard gunshots being fired in the house, and the kids reporting he was shooting into bulletproof vests in the front room of the house. Sheriff’s deputies were constantly parked across the street from her house, and she feared that she was under surveillance. Working the night shift Sgt. Fenn was constantly calling, messaging, and texting throughout his shift all night long. She stated that she would get up to 40 messages a night.

On one occasion she had traveled out of town via plane, and Sgt. Fenn had sent her a selfie from the airport standing by her car in the parking lot.

Numerous attempts were made with Sheriff Adam Christiansen for a sit down and discuss the situation. The first request was in August 2013 Sheriff Christiansen agreed to have a meeting in September 2013 saying one would be scheduled, then in October advised he could not meet with her. The wife also feels that Sgt. Fenn had interfered with her attempt at getting a job at Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department, her application was for a custody Deputy, and one of the people involved in the hiring process was a friend Frank Fenn.

Though she was highly qualified in many areas especially in gang intelligence, her application was eventually denied.

In December 2013 another request was made to have a meeting with Sheriff Christiansen, which was finally agreed to after she threatened litigation.

On December 30, 2013, the wife received numerous Facebook messages under the name of the subject that it sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. Sgt. Fenn was the officer who investigated that assault several years before that. These messages were received about three weeks after Sgt. Fenn was served with divorce papers. It again caused even more aggravation, stress, and fear that she was already feeling due to that assault originally.

A meeting with Sheriff Christiansen did occur on January 2, 2014. She’d been trying for about three years to get this meeting, which is Sheriff did not deny, and she advised of the situation and what had been occurring over the last several years. She also has a recording of this interview that was provided by the sheriff department. The result was that they referred her to the internal affairs to have it investigated.

The wife had sent many emails to the internal affairs Sgt. with no response for some time. After making several phone calls internal affairs finally responded with a different email than what was given to the wife on the business card that she was given, stating that they have not received any from her. She has all records of all communications and documentation.

On January 22, 2014 she met with a Lieut. Radford from the criminal division of the sheriff department. The interview lasted several hours, and she showed him all the documentation of incidents and injuries that have been received. She stated that Lieut. Radford had acknowledged they were aware for some time of the behavioral issues with Sgt. Fenn. But apparently, they have not been able to reach her because the phone number had been changed on her information sheet.

Internal affairs could not continue in an investigation, or so she was told, due to the criminal investigation have a priority. And Lieut. Radford had gone out of town on an extended vacation. She was not able to get a hold of him. No temporary shelter or assistance or women’s group were contacted on her behalf by the Sheriff’s office. She did not feel that she or her kids were safe at this time, nor would be able call for the assistance of law enforcement due to living in the sheriff jurisdiction. They in essence were putting her life at risk due to Sgt. Fenn still on active duty with no restrictions.

In February 2014 there was a media release that Lieut. Radford had been promoted to chief of Waterford police. There had been no contact with Lieut. Radford since at one meeting. In the meantime, there was an ongoing presence of sheriff deputies, on and off duty, wherever she went including around her home.

Now Waterford police chief Radford had interviewed her daughter, in March 2014, regarding the abuse. Audio recordings were made. To this day no sheriff department employee has followed up with any type of interview or investigation regarding this matter.

In May 2014 Sgt. Frank Fenn was still on active duty with no restrictions.

Also, during this time, the wife was receiving additional medical treatment because of the injuries received in the previous listed attack.

In March 2014 she had contacted the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office regarding the issues that was she was having. She was advised by staff that Deputy Dist. Atty. Dave Harris had all the reports and was doing a review of the situation. About a week later in June 2014 she had called the District Attorney’s Office again and was advised that she needed to contact someone to get legal representation.

During this time also, she was still receiving messages and texts and contacts from Sgt. Frank Fenn. She inquired with chief Radford on how he had obtained her phone number. Chief Radford advised her that he was sympathetic to her plight, but he was not able to do anything about it. Emails available upon request.

She also noted that around this time she was trying to sell a dog on Craig’s list, and had received several inquiries and after being warned she did a reverse search on numbers and they came back to law enforcement personnel that work with her ex-husband. Names and documentation available upon request.

During the summer of 2014 multiple inquiries were made with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department regarding the investigation. For some reason the investigation was transferred to Turlock Police Department, and the wife of the investigator on the case was Adam Christiansen’s newly hired personal secretary. In July 2014 she again had a meeting with chief Radford at Waterford Police Department.

Chief Radford, she says, chastise her for trying to make Frank’s life so difficult. He also accused her of trying to set Frank up. But chief Radford did say that he was going to do a forensic exam on Frank Fenn’s phone for evidence.

In August 2014 she met with a Lieut. Reid from Turlock Police Department in regard to the citizens complaint. She also noted during this time some neighbors were continually coming up to our house testing to buy guns and ammo and stated that they had been receiving many from her ex-husband through the years.

She stated that there were ongoing problems with bogus calls to law enforcement, animal control officers and other agencies no matter what her location was. One time she came outside from a restaurant and animal control was looking at her car telling her that she had received a call of a dog locked in her car with extreme heat and begging to get out. There was no dog in the car the animal control officer went on her way. There was also an incident of a private investigator that she knew was a friend over ex-husbands that appeared to be following her around.

In October 2014 she had contacted the federal Bureau of investigation attempting to get help in her situation. She had been in contact with them prior, but the agent had been transferred in a been assigned to a different agent and she left a message. Also, during that time, she had been in contact with her medical provider to inquire if any contacts have been made by the sheriff department or any other law enforcement agency in regard to her records on the injuries received, they said no one had done so. She noted that her first meeting with then Lieut. Radford she had signed a medical release for them to get those records.

Also, in October 2014 the FBI had told her the case had been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office, via the sheriff’s office. Shortly thereafter a call was made to the District Attorney’s Office where they stated they had not received any case referrals. Shortly after that she was contacted by the FBI again saying that chief Radford had stated the case would be filed within the next two weeks. It was also noted that the sheriff department did not feel medical records were necessary. Several calls were made to chief Radford with no response.

November 2014 the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office was contacted, and they reported they have not received any case referrals yet regarding the matter. Ongoing occurrences of stalking, and Frank Fenn even tried to run her off the road within the Modesto city limits. Continuous police reports were filed in all these incidents

in December 2014 she contacted the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office again and they advised he still had not received any referrals from the sheriff’s department, and in fact the case number provided was an old case number not applicable. Finally, that month the District Attorney’s Office had received a partial report, but she states it had bad information in it including her old phone number which Lieut. Radford said he didn’t have. She did receive some contacts through victim witness and they were somewhat confused why he was being investigated by the sheriff department, since was one of their deputies.

Once the District Attorney’s Office got involved the medical records were requested, but she was still requesting that it be investigated by an outside agency.

She then sent certified letters to the grand jury, when they replied they stated this is not fall under their jurisdiction.

In the early part of 2015 there were multiple contacts with multiple people regarding these issues, documentation available. Notably being a contact with chief Radford who is saying he no longer has any activity with her case. But apparently would not respond if the case had been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office or not. She also contacted the internal affairs investigators who also would not give her responses.

During this time also, the stocking had continued and in fact Sgt. Fenn was continually making attempts at the post office to change her address to receive her mail. Due to the nature of the activity postal inspectors were notified. Again, documentation is available of all contacts.

Ms. Fenn also says during this time she had been contacted by somebody inside the sheriff department advising her that no report had actually ever been filed in this case.

Also, during this time, she did a review of text messages received during this entire ordeal, she stated there was a number of messages sent from a homicide scene where a Deputy and locksmith was killed, where there was a suspect hold up in the house, and they eventually burn the house down with the suspect inside. Here they are:

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+in           2012-04-12 13:56:49       
the fucker is still alive,  he listening to scanners,  I think we are going to blow the fuck out of his front door,  we just set up two explosive charges”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]          in            2012-04-12 16:07:10        ” ATF and FBI is here,  they brought more explosives”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]          in            2012-04-12 16:35:27        “this explosion will get his attention”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]          in            2012-04-12 16:47:50        “the robot is going to put the charge against the window, and we are going to blow a hole through”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-12 20:27:39                “mpd is going to start pumping gas in pretty quick I understand”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-12 21:21:26        “it may be roasted, they started it on fire with the gas”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-12 22:23:04                “fully engulfed now”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-12 22:31:02                “swat saw movement inside”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-13 10:22:45        “I just woke up and called in,  they are waiting for the rumble to cool down before they search for the body,  they had movement inside as it was burning, he was throw stuff out,  so he got a taste of hell before he died”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-13 10:54:49                “being cooked is much more painful than dying in a hail of bullets”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-13 11:40:58        “I was told 99.9% positive it was burnt alive”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-13 11:42:21                “they didn’t hear any gun shots so he didn’t commit suicide, so he was burnt like bacon”

SGT Frank Fenn Stanislaus County Sheriff Department [+]                          in            2012-04-13 11:47:32       “what is so fucked up for me,  is that we got to do such cool stuff,  with the ATF and FBI guys there and I learned a lot”

Pressure from the Atty. Gen.’s office after her contacts began to get difficult for the sheriff’s department to avoid the situation, but eventually the attorney general’s office as usual referred her back to the sheriff department which is the problem in the first place.

Sometime around May 2015 Frank Fenn was forced to retire from the Stanislaus County Sheriff Department, in lieu of facing criminal charges. This is not stop the harassment, or the issues involved. With a full retirement.

She feels that he is also dating or living with a dispatcher from Nevada County who has access to law enforcement databases to keep him informed of things. On several occasions he has tried to have her mail changed to his address in Nevada County, I saw the change of address form myself.

She also feels that there was an ongoing issue of weapons being filtered out of the sheriff’s department and it at one point was hidden in their garage while they were still together. And this could account for some of the missing weapons at the sheriff department has had issues with. These are not confirmed by any way shape or form this is just some observations that she has made, and it appeared to be gun cases he was bringing into the garage.

To this day she is looking for some type of justice and has very good documentation of all these instances which I have seen some of but there is too many for me to go completely through. I personally think that law enforcement has let her down in an incredible way due to the good old boy syndrome.