I went by Dept. #2 today and they are still doing juror hardship requests. There is no need for me to be in the room while this is being done in chambers.

Also, after today there will not be court again until next Thursday for more hardships. Then next Friday there will be some more motions heard and I will be there for that.

Another date to note is Walter Wells and Scott McFarlane have a 995 hearing on March 19th in front of judge Moody in Dept. #10. They also noted another possible date prior to the 19th for arguments but note sure as of yet. I will let everyone know when I do.

Stay tuned for more podcasts as things are in the works.

Also note I am also sharing my Podcasts on Patreon and iTunes and more to come to get information out.

Thanks for all the donations and sponsors.

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