“S” Storm #4 is hitting on February 27, 2018

“Different DA’s, Same Pile of Crap”

By Warren Yates

This is will be a short “S” Storm based on some hot off the press news. The following is the headline from the Modesto Bee on February 26, 2018: “Former prosecutors say Merced DA Morse made lewd comments to female employees”. You really need to read the article in the Bee as it is quite lengthy and exposes how predator Larry Morse III uses this tasteful and vulgar comments plus unwanted physical contact by female employees.

The female employees who are speaking up are doing so because there are no longer under the web of fear and evil spun by predator Morse. After hearing their accounts of this Turds salacious and scandalous conduct, it is easy to understand why current female employees of the Merced County District Attorney’s Office are afraid to speak out for fear of harassment, intimidation and termination of their positions.

In the Bee article, two former Deputy Dist. Atty.’s who happen to be married spoke out.
Attorneys Ilia and Mike McKinney who are now employed with the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office, exposed the horrendous and demeaning behavior that Turd Morse subjected them to.

(Modesto Bee 2-26-18) “McKinney said she felt angry and powerless when Morse kissed her on the lips at a downtown Merced bar. She said they’d arrived at the Main Street bar for an after-work get-together with colleagues. She said Morse went to greet her and kissed her on the lips “suddenly” and “without any warning.”

“I felt totally violated,” McKinney said, “but he’s my boss. What am I supposed to say to him?”

Morse said he had no memory of the kiss, but acknowledged it may have occurred, saying that, if it happened, “it would’ve been as a greeting of some sort.”

“I considered Ilia a friend,” Morse said. “There was never anything remotely sexual.”

Her husband, Mike McKinney, said he was shocked to see his boss kiss his wife and also felt there was little he could do without jeopardizing their careers.

“As a husband, I definitely didn’t like another guy kissing my wife,” Mike McKinney said. “But you have a boss who controls everything about your career.”

He said there were “plenty of times” he wanted to speak out but held back.

“It’s a weird position for me because it’s my boss and its also Ilia’s boss,” Mike McKinney said. “It’s tough for me to get involved and in some ways, it’s not right for me to jump in. I didn’t want to create the impression that I think Ilia can’t speak for herself.”

Deputy Merced County Public Defender Stephanie Jamieson confirmed Ilia McKinney spoke with her about the kissing incident at least four years ago.

“I remember her being shocked,” Jamieson said. “She didn’t know what to do.”

Jamieson also said she and McKinney discussed McKinney feeling sexually harassed by comments Morse made. She said McKinney spoke with her about Morse making inappropriate comments many times dating back at least four years.

Two other people confirmed they were told about the kiss and the sexual comments directly by McKinney around the time of the incidents.

McKinney said Morse also made lewd comments to her numerous times during her tenure in Merced, including remarks about her body, her appearance and oral sex”.

So here we have Turd Morse using the power of his office to sexually harass and unlawfully physically touch subordinates in his office. They are in fear of saying anything because of the probability of the loss of their jobs based on some false trumped up job performance lies in retaliation. Living with this type of fear for their career must cause untold stress which of course would carry home to the family and should be actionable against Turd Morse.

What is Turd Morse’s reply to the allegations? The same one that people in power give when there nefarious and filthy conduct is exposed: (Modesto Bee 2-26-18) Despite both attorneys handling serious felony cases for extended periods of time, Morse said Mike McKinney had been “reprimanded repeatedly about his work,” specifically for what Morse described as disorganization and for not taking enough cases all the way to trial.

Morse also said he sent an email to the Santa Cruz district attorney after the McKinneys went to work there in October. In the email, Morse said, he criticized Mike McKinney but said he would “miss Ilia.” Morse said he believes the McKinneys wanted revenge for the email and because Mike McKinney had been criticized verbally about his work in Merced.

“That’s where this is coming from. I think Mike McKinney is very bitter about his time in this office,” Morse said. “This is an effort to throw dirt on me and the management in this office in retaliation.” Typical Turd Morse denial.

If you read full article, you’ll see there are other female employees also who complained about his conduct such as on snapping bras on female employees saying rude and folder comments such as: “The remark as described by Morse was the same comment Carlson said Morse made to her in presence around 2000. Carlson said several attorneys had gathered in an area commonly used for employee breaks. She said Morse, who was a supervisor in the office at the time, but not yet the district attorney, was being congratulated on the birth of a child.

Specifically, Carlson said, Morse was asked if he and his wife had been hoping for a girl. Carlson said Morse remarked that he always has boys in his family and never has girls.

“He said he didn’t have girls because ‘I put it in deep and I put it in hard’ or words to that effect,” Carlson said. “I was just appalled that someone would say that.”

Morse acknowledged making the comment but said he doesn’t believe he would have said that in front of Carlson. He said he was “extraordinarily careful” about what he said around Carlson. No surprise that we know that Turd Morse is a liar.

He and several of his cricket henchmen within the Merced County District Attorney’s Office also protect corrupt and dirty cops. Not only does Turd Morse protect them so is a worthless piece of trash kamala harris as mentioned in this excerpt from a commentary I wrote on January 25, 2017: “I can tell you from experience that when reporting nefarious and illegal activities by law enforcement, Kamala Harris who is worthless refused to investigate and prosecute a Merced County deputy sheriff that I proved filed a felony false police report. I don’t know if the newly appointed Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra will be any better, but I am thinking of given him a try”. (Nevermind. He’s just another demoRAT liberal. I’m not going to waste my time.)

So now we progress to Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. As a mentioned in a couple of prior “S” Storm commentaries, trying to serve elected officials at the District Attorney’s Office, is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. But after I called chief deputy dave harris a cockroach for trying to avoid service of the subpoena, all of a sudden the Red Sea opened up and and County Council accepted the subpoena.

Then when I went to serve the fladagator in her ivory tower, myself and Gene Forte were gonna be thrown out of the lobby of the DAs office and the guard stated they are going to call the police on orders from the upper floor. We told of the call the police and when we requested the name of the security guard who was throwing us out, the elevator doors opened like the gates of heaven and a DA investigator told us that we would be advised later who would accept service.

If you remember a couple years back, there was a deputy district attorney who had longevity and seniority in the office. His name was Doug Maner. Doug happened to support Michael Cummings in the race for district attorney against the fladagator. Well from that moment on Doug got all the feces jobs and was taken and stuck in a small office with no windows and little or no circulation. This is how the fladagator retaliates against anyone who has an opinion of their own. Getting tired of the mistreatment, double resigned and open his own private practice.

Doug sued the fladagator and of course Her Highness stated that he was a bad employee etc., etc., etc.. That is a typical defense tactic that Turd Dist. Atty.’s use to try to put the blame for their inability to properly administer a District Attorney’s Office on the employee. And instead turn it into a POW camp and if someone speaks out they are severely chastised, criticized and made to pay the price. It’s a good thing for certain Turd Dist. Atty.’s that their elected rather than having to pass a knowledge test, background examination and a psychological examination. Merced and Stanislaus counties probably would not have the current District Attorney’s in office.

By the way, the fladagator and probably cockroach harris will be testifying sometime this week or the first part of next week in federal court in Fresno to try to defend the vicious assault and false arrest by one of Stanislaus County’s finest Timothy Luke Schwartz on the person of Gene Forte. Mr. Forte is the only person in the history of the United States to ever go into a federal court in Pro Se, acting as his own attorney and after an eight date jury trial, got a unanimous verdict against the former mayor and now indicted for bribery by a public official in the person of Tommy Jones.

Why have a whole bunch more to write but it’s midnight , At the Oasis :0) , so I am headed into the tent to get some R&R. So much more to write and it’s going to be coming out.