By Warren Yates

I was able to take a few minutes break in my schedule to write a little something to keep this ball rolling. I will be taking excerpts of the transcript of lying Luke’s direct testimony or should I say “testilying”. For the record the complete video of the arrest of Mr. Forte was played numerous times in judge schlemiel’s courtroom. Lying Luke’s saw it several times and obviously also had time to review his report even though he may not have been the one the completed it.

On page 3 the transcript Mr. Forte asked lying Luke if he was in the courtroom when a cell phone video is played numerous times. Lying Luke’s stated that he was. Then Mr. Forte asked anything saw in that video the contradicted any statements that lying Luke had made in his report. Lying Luke answered, no, I don’t see any contradictions.

Mr. Forte then asks lying Luke, did I tell you that night that I was going to shoot you in your head? Lying Luke answered, no those weren’t your exact words. Mr. Forte then said that your attorney stated to the jury that that is what he was going to go ahead and show correct? Lying Luke then, I believe in essence the comment was made.

To forte then asked asked, in essence, the comment was made that I was going to shoot you in your head? Lying Luke stated no. Mr. Forte he then asked, but that was not what was said on the cell phone video, it didn’t happen right? Lying Luke answered, you didn’t tell me you are going to shoot me in my head, no.

I don’t have a copy of the police report that lying Luke supposedly wrote. But on the witness stand under oath, lying Luke said that Mr. Forte did not say he was going to shoot me in the head. If lying Luke wrote that in his report then he is lying.

But if lying Luke did not write that in his report, then defense counsel farrar is a lying sack of crap for telling that to the jury. That should be grounds for a mistrial at that point and farrar should be sanctioned by the useless State Bar for making false, inflammatory and prejudicial statements against the plaintiff. But of course judge schlemiel has no attention of abiding by the law.

Mr. Forte then asked, did you tell me when you got out of the car that evening to turn around? Lying Luke said, I believe I asked you to put your hands behind your back. Mr. Forte then stated, no, I’m asking, did you ask me to turn around? Lying Luke answered, I don’t recall saying turn around.

Mr. forte then in the police report on page 5, it states, I stepped out of my patrol car and instructed Gene Forte to turn around, and asked him to put his hands behind his back. Mr. Forte then asked, that’s very specific about you asking me to turn around wasn’t it? Lying Luke answered, that’s what I wrote.

Mr. Forte then says, but that’s not what the cell phone video shows. Lying Luke says, I believe the cell phone video shows that I stepped behind you, went to put your hands behind your back, and I asked you to comply with my instructions. That’s how I remember it. That’s how it seems to have played out.

Mr. forte then says, so what you are saying is when you say in your police report that you instructed Gene Forte to turn around, you did not do that, is that correct? Lying Luke answered, typically, when we write our reports, we do the very best we can to recollect it as we had it in our mind at the time. I have seen the video, and how I recalled it that evening is how I wrote it in my report.

Lying Luke continues saying, so the video, yeah, shows that I stepped behind you and went to have you put your hands behind your back, and I asked you to follow my instructions of putting your hands behind your back. Mr. Forte then says of course. Lying Luke then says, this was to my best of my recollection.

Mr. Forte then says, wait. Best of your recollection on December 3rd? I mean you write this on the evening of December 3rd. You didn’t wait like 30 or 40 days to write this did you? Lying Luke answers, I did it that evening. Mr. Forte then asks so your recollection back at that time would have been far better than it is today, right?

Mr. Forte then asked if I had disobeyed an instruction that you gave, that would be obstructing justice, would it not? Lying Luke answered it, could be. Mr. Forte then asked, and you knew that at the time you wrote this report? Lying Luke answered, yes. Mr. Forte then asked, isn’t it true in fact that you put that inside this report to help phony up what would be the charges against me for a felony PC 71? Isn’t that correct? Lying Luke answered, absolutely not. (And lying Luke wouldn’t lie now would he?)

Mr. Forte then asked, then why did you do it? Lying Luke answered, what did I do what? Mr. Forte stated, put that you instructed me to turn around. Lying Luke answered I didn’t have the luxury of watching any body camera video when I wrote my report. I went from the best of my recollection after it happened.

Mr. Forte said, when I approached you that evening first question I asked you, was Deputy Randy Watkins on duty? Do you recall what your response was? Lying Luke’s answer was, I said he may have or may not have been working. (Is lying Luke stupid and really doesn’t know if Randy’s working since there are only two officers working or is he just being a jerk. Sounds like a coin flip to me.)

Mr. Forte asked, said you knew he was on duty didn’t you? Lying Luke’s answer, No. I said he may or may not have been working. Mr. Forte then says, deputy Watkins testified earlier that you would have known that he was on duty because you were in communication. There is only two officers there. Mr. Forte then asked, I ask you that question that night, you honestly, sincerely did not know if Randy Watkins was on duty that night? Lying Luke answered, I said I may have known or I may not have known. (So we have lying Luke either again showing his stupidity or just being a jerk. That seems to be lying Luke’s pattern of behavior).

Mr. Forte then asked lying Luke if he remembers taking a report from Mr. Forte prior. Lying Luke said I was dispatched to your home on a call or your reported criminal threats. What did you do with the results of that report Forte asked? Mr. Forte then said do you remember saying we should seek a temporary restraining order for the protection of my family and my children, because he said that my neighbors and my family and people would children at school, should be concerned. Do you remember that?

Lying Luke answered, I recall I was dispatched to a criminal threats call, and that I didn’t feel that it met the criteria for a violation of Penal Code section 422, criminal felony threats. Mr. Forte asked, so the matter of you contacting this Dave Gizzie concerning possible natures of threats to me, that would be a law enforcement matter wouldn’t it? Lying Luke answered, it didn’t meet the criteria of a law violation so I documented it for informational purposes and that was the end of our investigation.

Lying Luke then said I believe you spoke to a few other deputies regarding out of jurisdictional matters that didn’t concern the city of Patterson. Mr. Forte said did you ever hear the recordings of Randy Watkins verifying that the things that he saw that I gave him in the report, he verified that I did get death threats?

Lying Luke answered, I remember hearing an audiotape but I don’t remember the specifics. Mr. Forte asked, when did you hear the recording? Lying Luke answered, I don’t remember. Mr. Forte then asked were you aware that Randy Watkins had verified the police reports filed in Merced County contains numerous false statements of fact and that he felt I was being retaliated against by Merced County Police Department’s and that I could be in danger? Lying Luke answered, I don’t recall that. (Sounds like the same answer that a lot of the cops and dregs of society are using in the Frank Carson 8 persecution. If you can’t think up a lie fast enough, just say I don’t recall or I don’t remember.)


Mr. Forte asked, you state in the police report that you stated that I said, do I have to say I’m going to get a gun and shoot you in order to get some service? You watched the video correct?. Lying Luke replied, yes. Mr. Forte asked, didn’t I specifically say, what would you rather have me do? Get a gun and shoot you guys? I’m certainly not going to do that?

Lying Luke answered, the I’m certainly not going to do that, was said as I was opening the patrol car door. This is where lying Luke blatantly committed perjury on the witness stand. But understand that judge schlemiel doesn’t really care about any misconduct as long as the misconduct is being perpetrated against Mr. Forte. Here is the clip of Mr. Forte making that statement and it clearly shows that he completed the statement before lying Luke began to open his door. Liar liar, pants on fire.


Now this saga will continue at my next writing. We have it in get to the part where he knocks Mr. Forte to the ground yet. Video coming up on the next commentary.

Warren Yates

March 14, 2018