The 995 hearing scheduled today for Walter Wells and Scott McFarlane was scheduled for 1030 in department 10 at the main courthouse.

About 10:40 AM all attorneys went into chambers and finally came out around 11:05 AM.

Judge Moody finally got on the bench around 11:20 AM and explained he discussed in chambers in detail the issues involved for both defendants. The issues are total separate issues even though they been joined together. Due to that fact he said they had to reschedule this 995 motion hearing, and will hear arguments on May 21, 2018 at 10:30 AM.

Larry Niemeyer, the attorney for Scott McFarlane, did note that he objected to any further continuances and wanted to be on the record.

Judge Moody noted his objection and he also stated the ten page rule in this motion is not applicable to this particular motion due to the issues involved in the long preliminary hearings that happened.

He also noted that both defendants are not in the same place of evidence presented and stated that Scott McFarlane’s case could be proceeded on but there are still issues involved in regard to Walter Wells. And Walter Wells as attorney, Peter Rodriguez, asked to remain on the same trial schedule is Scott McFarlane.

At that point court was adjourned around 11:45 AM.

Also, of note as I got to my car several blocks away I noticed Kirk Bunches vehicle coming out of an alley near I where I was parked. I’m sure was just a coincidence.