The strain if using a H.B product on a new sink

Marty Carlson

April 1, 2014 at 8:10pm ·

Goal today was to be productive like any other day,
Needed badly to replace bathroom sink and faucet, Est Time 2 hrs.
Started 9am, 11am running to home depot to get proper fittings,
12:30 I am cleaning up massive amounts of water under my sink,
Double checking fittings, Using more thread tape, 2 pm running back to
Home depot to replace fittings ( again) that is spraying all over under my sink.
Floor probably damaged,
4 pm running back to Home depot to get another faucet to replace the new one that is spraying all under my sink, Fittings ok never leaked,
5pm sopping up water that is all over my bathroom from second leaking faucet, Not happy.

After cool down period returned to home depot 7 pm got money back and went to Lowes to buy a new faucet.
Home at 7:30pm Trying to feel productive still, but not making it.
Goal for tomorrow: To install new sink and faucet est. Time 2 hrs. Actual time was 20 minutes.

Also, of note the H.B. company, after seeing my review of their product tried to bribe me another faucet for free, If I remove that review.

I told them if they repair my floors then maybe. (they declined).