On January 10, 2016, I posted an article about a Modesto man by the name of Tony Daniloo who had been convicted of swindling approximately $8 million from unsuspecting family friends and the general public.

He was released from prison in 2013. He was ordered to pay $100 a month in payments to cover the government assessment levied against him, instead of being ordered to pay restitution to his victims.

See the article HERE for further information.

On Friday, April 13, 2018, I received an email from someone who only identified themselves as Greg A, of course there was an email address attached and I did verify it is a valid email.

The email did originate in the San Francisco area. And there was confirmation on the website out of San Francisco on that particular article.

Here is the contents of the entire email:

“DELETE this article within 24 hours or law enforcement will be involved.”

Knowing full well that law enforcement does not get involved in the content of an article on a website unless actual crimes are being committed like a hate crime and such. If there was an actual copyright violation or an accusation of intelligence properties pilfering, there is a proper Avenue in making requests. Either way law enforcement does not get involved.

My response to this feeble attempt at bullying, was who are you and give legal citations.

His second response to me was: DELETE this article within 24 hours or law enforcement will be involved.”

Again, not willing to provide any real information, and raising my suspicions dramatically, I simply told him to perform in sexual act on himself.

Within an hour I started receiving spam messages from many advertisers, with his name and email address attached.

Again, I responded to him and said I asked who you are and for proved and citations you sent spam. And again I told him something he could kiss and perform another sexual act on himself.

His next response was: “Trying to help you out. You will be included in a lawsuit. Suit yourself.”

Notice he is not using the law enforcement angle at this point, now talking about litigation.

Again, I responded, and having a bit of fun with this now: “if you want to help me out and give me some information about your concern about the article, and your info, and I said lawsuits are common thing around here.”

At that point he had quit making contact, but I noted there was a lot of activity on the website where he was trying to use a Google remove tool on that particular article. That can only be used by the originator of that particular article, and their security protocols in place.

Finally, yesterday about 5:30 PM I sent him a final message and I will not respond to his ignorance again:

Below is exactly what the first email you sent. “There is not accusation of copy write infringement nor Identity property claim. All it says is you will get law enforcement involved but do not say why. I notice you have been on my site on that particular article a lot. Give me some credible evidence of why I should remove this article and I will. Otherwise all these emails and your IP addresses will be published on my site.

I do not know what your scam is here but understand I am not a virgin to these type claims and well versed in the law.

Internet infringement rights are not a law enforcement issue. It is other civil matters that is not law enforcement.

So, give me some proof and I will remove for good cause.

I have a suspicion you are the asswipe that is the subject of the article. If you are you are, In My opinion, a slimy character at best.

Provide all requested information or just kiss my lily-white ass, asshole.

Gosh I feel much better now.”

Though noted continued activity on the website on that particular page and still attempting to use the removal tool on Google, he has not responded.


My personal opinion this person may be Tony Daniloo, But I have no proof or confirmation of that at this point. It is noted in the original information he was from Modesto and done his illegal activities in Modesto, he is probably now living in San Francisco and not paying back restitution to his victims.

It was a feeble attempt by a person who is used to manipulating people to get what he wants, and I will continue posting anything in the future that comes from this person.

Anybody that wants any information in regard to this individual I be more than willing to provide in private messages.

And Mr. Greg A., Or whoever you are this is not my first rodeo, as I said I am also not a virgin to these types of things.