When it comes to sexual intercourse, there is a lot of pressure on the male to not only perform but to perform in a passionate way. Asking for feedback from their partner may not always work because the partner may not feel comfortable giving that sort of feedback or it hurts the man’s feelings if the feedback is negative. The good news is that men may not have to ask for that feedback anymore. Metro News reports that a British company has released the first pictures of the world’s first smart condoms.

The smart condom is called i.Con, and it has been called the “Fitbit” for a man’s penis, says The Toronto Sun. One of the main concerns with sexual intercourse is obtaining an STI. Thankfully, the i.Con can detect STIs and send data about the sexual intercourse session the man has just encountered.

You’re probably wondering how the man receives the information collected during the sexual intercourse session. Metro News reports that the company British Condoms logs the data that it receives from the high-tech rubber bracelet that is placed on the condom and sends it to the user’s smartphone. Some of the things it tracts are the number of calories burned, the speed of the man’s thrust and the duration of the session.

Lead engineer of the project, Adam Leverson, says that “‘There’s a lot of tech packed into the i.Con and for us to be able to deliver it in such a way that there is absolutely no hindrance to the user was our main goal – and I think we have gone above and beyond with the i.Con to make sure of this.”

The Toronto Sun states that the rubber band is strapped around the shaft of the man’s penis which means that a normal condom still needs to be worn. In addition, the device also lights up which can provide illumination for both partners’ nether regions.

The i.Con is waterproof for couples who are adventurous, and it is also extremely flexible to ensure that there is maximum comfort for all sizes. Metro News states that the i.Con already has over 900,000 people who have already written to express interest in this gadget.

In my opinion, two things can occur with this gadget. The first thing that can occur is men may concentrate more on their performance and statistics that the i.Con collects than actually enjoying the passionate experience with their partner. This may cause some tension in the relationship. The second thing that may occur is that men may take the statistics they receive from the i.Con and it could improve their sexual performance which can also improve their confidence in the bedroom.