This is a short clip of the Dist. Atty.’s candidate forum in Patterson recently, the question involved ethics as a prosecutor and the response by Brigit Fladager was that she wants her younger prosecutors to go ahead and prosecute a case even though the defendant may be factually innocent. The conversation was concerning around senior prosecutors with experience advising younger ones to not prosecute certain cases, and Brigit Fladager stated that she does not want her senior and more experienced people in her office telling or advising younger prosecutors not to prosecute so they can get trial experience.

So, she’s endorsing the fact that innocent people may be put on trial so their younger attorneys can get experience, not based on the facts with the merits of the case.

It’s also noted the inflamed responses of the other candidates including John Mayne who stated that when his policy was enacted he was at the meeting asked specific questions in regard to the policy, and Brigit Fladager was not present at that meeting to clarify.

Here is the video decide for yourself: