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  1. Offering Praveen Singh immunity is almost useless. Although the prosecution cannot use his statements against him in a subsequent prosecution, they can, and will, investigate the statements, and may unearth more evidence they can use against Singh. Also, the statements can be used by a parol review board, by the IRS or a federal prosecutor, considered by the State regulatory and licensing agencies when issuing or revoking permits or licenses, published in the newspaper and on Dawg’s Blawfg, used in a bankruptcy proceeding to deny a discharge, and used in a civil court lawsuit. They can be and will be considered by insurers and bonding agencies. The prosecution does not have the power to provide “absolute immunity.”

    Offering immunity is tantamount to offering nothing. There is no exception clause in the 5th Amendment that says: “but if the prosecution promises the statements won’t be used against you, then you have to be a witness against yourself.”

    Yet another example of the clever and nefarious ways this DA’s office is seeking to take away our constitutional rights. John Mayne for D.A.!

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