Week 3 Day 8

This week, I am going to do nightly reports, and will not be in court on Friday. I must babysit my infant Grandson out of town on the weekend and will not have time to spend on the computer for an entire day doing a weekly report. I have an out of town funeral on Friday that I must attend. Next week, I should be able to go back to whole days and a weekly recap that will be ready by Saturday evening.

Today, we were supposed to start out at 9:00AM. Judge Zuniga arrived at the courthouse at shortly after 9:00AM, and one of the jurors did not arrive until shortly before 9:40AM. It seems as though there was a wreck on Hwy 99 that had traffic in a snarl.

While we were waiting for the jury to be brought into the courtroom, Judge Zuniga asks Marlisa Ferreira for a police report that Marlisa should have provided to her by Monday (Yesterday.) Marlisa told the judge that she had forgotten to do this. She told the judge that the report was just now being sent over. Judge Zuniga seemed to be irritated and told Marlisa that she needed the report by yesterday so that she could digest its contents. Because of this situation, Patrick Hampton’s continued testimony will be put off until the end of the week. Marlisa stated that she had several witnesses present in the courthouse and decided to put private investigator Steve Duden on the stand. Steve Duden was wheeled into the courtroom in a wheel chair. I was shocked to see him in his present condition. I had seen Mr. Duden several times during the preliminary hearing, and it was apparent to me that something was very wrong with his health. He takes the stand at 9:40AM.

Marlisa Ferreira starts asking Mr. Duden questions. He states that he is a licensed private investigator. He states that he is a specialist in GPS tracking devices. Marlisa asks Steve Duden if he put a tracking device on a Ford Escort station wagon, and he says: “No” He testified that he knows Jack Abel, who frequently works for Frank Carson as a private investigator. He stated that Frank Carson had mentioned to him that he was having trouble with thefts from his property, but that he did not get involved with investigating these thefts. He testified that Frank Carson did not specify which property was having thefts.

Steve Duden testifies that he saw a flyer on Frank Carson’s desk that concerned some stolen books, but that he did not recall any names on the flyer. He denied that Frank Carson ever mentioned Michael Cooley, Ricky Cooley, or Eula Keyes concerning the thefts. Marlisa asks Mr. Duden if Frank Carson had asked him to run a license plate in 2011. He says: “I don’t recall.”

Steve Duden testifies that he worked with Frank Carson on the Frank Drummond case. Marlisa Ferreira shows Steve Duden a picture of a vehicle. It appears to be the Ford Escort station wagon that was mentioned earlier. She asks Mr. Duden if he recognizes the vehicle. He states that he does not recognize the vehicle.

He testifies that Frank Carson never had a conversation with him on Korey Kauffman. Mr. Duden now describes what he calls: “An unethical” visit to his office by Officer Dale Lingerfeldt. He testifies that some woman had set up a meeting at his office, and that Lingerfeldt was the person that actually showed up. He told Lingerfeldt that this meeting violated ethics, because he worked with Frank Carson as a private investigator.

Steve Duden testifies that he has been terminally ill for over a year. He tells Marlisa that he provided a GPS tracker to Frank Carson, but he does not remember when. He testifies that he got the GPS tracker back, and that he determined that was obvious to him that the GPS tracker had not tracked anything, because no report was generated when he analyzed it with his program.

At this point, we hear that Alternate Juror #4 has sent Judge Zuniga a letter saying that former mayor Carmen Sabatino had tried to contact him with an E-Mail. Someone in the audience told me that Carmen sends out mass E-Mail releases, and that this juror probably was on his mailing list. I am not sure what happened her. I will keep you informed when I hear anything more on this matter.

Steve Duden testifies that he did not receive any pay from Frank Carson to help Frank find out who was stealing from the Carson property. He testifies that he did receive some pay for work on the Frank Drummond case. He testifies that he was able to sweep for wireless bugs, but that he did not do any of these sweeps for Frank Carson. He testifies that Frank Carson did not pay him anything for the GPS tracker. He says that GPS trackers cost him around $750.00 He states that the GPS trackers have an industrial grade magnet on one surface, and are approximately 3 inches X 5 inches in size.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez starts asking Mr. Duden questions. He gets Duden to state that Detective Jon Evers had told him about the Frank Carson murder case. Steve Duden testifies that he told the investigators that the only case he worked on was the Frank Drummond case.

I will be in the courtroom tomorrow morning for the morning session.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)