I reported earlier on the results of the 995-hearing morning in front of Judge Moody in regard to Scott McFarland and Walter Wells.

I noted that the judge wanted the attorneys to talk a little bit this afternoon and I was not aware they rescheduled the more hearings at 4 PM this afternoon and apparently the District Attorney’s Office and the defense attorney Larry Niemeyer went before the judge and advised him they have no resolution for him, and judge Moody granted the 995 motion as to Scott McFarland.

Apparently, the typical threats were made to refile by the District Attorney’s Office because they do not handle loss well was made but I doubt if there will be a refiling in this case.

It appears Scott McFarland is now out of this case only leaving Walter Wells in this particular segment of the case.

Due to my own inability to understand everything in court I am disappointed I was not there for this ruling this afternoon, and of course the Modesto bee has not, and I doubt if they ever will be there again. Maybe some and need to write a letter to the editor about how all these people are getting dismissed from this case.


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