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Today, I endured a very boring morning session. I know some of this stuff is necessary, but what I witnessed this morning seemed to be pointless and will not make any difference in who wins all the marbles.

Out of the presence of the jury, we start out at 9:17AM. DA Prosecutor Marlisa Ferreira and defense attorney Larry Niemeyer immediately go into chambers. Marlisa had a very sour look on her face as she went into the judge’s chambers. I had heard that Marlisa Ferreira was going to re-file charges against Scott McFarlane, and that is exactly what she did. Less than 24 hours ago, Judge Moody had granted the defense’s motion to dismiss charges against Scott McFarlane, and now it apparently will start all over again. We are hearing that Larry Niemeyer is not going to waive his client’s right to a speedy trial. This will undoubtedly prolong the Carson ET AL case while this issue is being litigated. Judge Zuniga, and Marlisa Ferreira will have to try a case within a case while the jury sits and waits for the main trial to resume. The prosecution does not care about the cost of this trial. They are spending our tax dollars. Someday, these people will have to answer to a higher power for their transgressions, but for now they are the ones with all the power. Abuse of power is one of the reasons I will not be voting for Birgit Fladager in the upcoming primary election. Tell your friends what is going on folks. We have an opportunity for some much needed change in our toxic Stanislaus County DA’s office.

At 9:47AM, the jury is ushered into the courtroom, and Marlisa Ferreira continues her examination of a criminalist by the name of Sanchez who took pictures of the Carson property during the search warrants. We go through picture after picture of the Carson property. I had to fight to not do a “Carmen” and fall asleep in the courtroom. Carmen has been barred from entering the courtroom since he is on the witness list. Now it seems he is plagiarizing some of my writing and reading it word for word on a radio show he hosts. He does not have my permission to use any of my writing. PATHETIC I must say folks. There will be consequences if this continues.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez takes over on cross examination of Mr. Sanchez. Percy gets Sanchez to testify that he was assigned as a “Finder” in this investigation. In addition to taking pictures on the Carson property, he earlier had been monitoring telephone calls made between Frank Carson and the Athwal brothers. All of this monitoring was done before the search warrants were served on 07/15/2012. Mr. Sanchez attended a briefing on 07/12/2012 that was held at the Ceres Police Department. Detective Cory Brown hosted this briefing.

Mr. Sanchez testifies that Frank Carson was listed as a “Subject” in the investigation of the disappearance and possible homicide of Korey Kauffman. Sanchez mentions that cadaver dogs were brought in to check for human remains. None were found. Sanchez stated that nobody was home on the Carson property, and the door was broken down by the investigators. He stated that pictures were taken of every room. Mr. Sanchez testifies that he seized two lap top computers, two thumb drives, and some clothing from the residence. He took pictures of some letters that were addressed to Christina DeFelippo, and Georgia DeFelippo. The upstairs studio apartment where Ryan Schmidt lived was searched. He did not remember seeing any women’s clothing in the studio apartment. Sanchez described a table that was on the roof top next to the studio apartment, but said that he did not go out on the roof top to check it out. He testified that he did not look out the window that overlooks the Carson property from the upstairs apartment.

Mr. Sanchez testifies that he did not check for evidence in a tall building that is on the Carson property. He also did not check for evidence in the three-car garage. One of the garages contained a classic Chevrolet Camaro. Mr. Sanchez stated that he found no evidence of the body of Korey Kauffman on the Carson property, and that no evidence of any crime was found on the Carson property. Sanchez stated that he hunted for any recently dug holes and could find none. We are now done with the morning testimony. As I left the courtroom, I could see Ricky Cooley, and Linda Sue Burns sitting in the hallway. They have been sitting there all morning and will apparently be on the stand in the afternoon.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)





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