Week 9, Day 33

We start out at 9:18 with Michael Cooley once again on the stand. Percy Martinez is continuing with his re-direct. Percy gets Michael Cooley to remember he had a fight with Ronald Cooper on 03/17/2011. Cooley states that Ronald Cooper was heading to his back yard, and stopped him when he was going through the hole in the fence. Cooley chased Cooper at knife point out to the street. The police were called on that incident. Michael Cooley denies any threatening gestures made to TJ Samra in February of 2013. He still did not remember this after being refreshed. Cooley states that he had worked for TJ Samra, and stated that TJ Samra owed him money.


Michael Cooley states that he was in jail on drug charges. His bail was set at $160,000. His brother was dying of valley fever. He denies reaching out to Kirk Bunch to offer information in exchange for consideration. He got released on his own recognizance, so it seems to me that some sort of deal was made. He was able to go to his brothers funeral.

Percy Martinez gets Cooley to admit that he told Kirk Bunch in August of 2012 that Korey Kauffman was stabbed and buried in a back yard. He told Kirk Bunch that his late brother Tony Cooley had seen a hand sticking out of the ground in Tina Carlos’ back yard on 8th Street in Turlock.

Percy Martinez gets Cooley to admit that when he was arrested by Officer Redd in Turlock for possession for sale of meth and heroin that Redd told him that he could make it all go away. Cooley stated that he did not go to jail immediately on that arrest. Cooley stated that Redd wanted information on people other than Korey Kauffman. Michael Cooley denies telling Redd that Korey Kauffman was involved with the Hells Angels. Michael Cooley states that he was a member of the Arian Brotherhood until around five years ago.

Hans Hjertonsson takes over on re-direct. He gets Cooley to say that he had told Korey Kauffman to not go over to the Carson property, and Cooley says Korey Kauffman promised to him that he would not go over to the Carson property. Cooley states that Korey Kauffman had told him he was going to the feed mills down the street. Cooley states that the bike was in the same location the next morning where it had been left. He states that there were no flat tires, and that Eula Keyes had called Officer Shaw of the Turlock Police Department. He states that Officer Shaw came over, and Kirk Bunch came over the next day after Shaw came over. Cooley admits to Hans that he had said last week that he was using heroin daily in 2012. He admits to saying that he used meth twice a week. Michael Cooley testifies that he had a knife confrontation with Ronald Cooper because he was using his back yard to steal things. He states that he chased Cooper to his driveway only. Cooley states that he did not shoot meth with Cooper. He states that he only smokes meth. Michael Cooley states that he snorts heroin rather than injecting heroin. Cooley states that meth and heroin do not change his behavior much. He states that he does not get aggressive on meth. He states that he has no jealousy issues concerning Eula Keyes. He states that he confronted people in his back yard, and tried to stop them from stealing from the Carson property. Michael Cooley denies that he demanded that people share items with him that were stolen from the Carson property. Michael reluctantly admitted to telling Kirk Bunch on 04/28/2012 that he wanted Eula Keyes to have first dibs on stuff stolen from the Carson property. Cooley states that the pipes were lying down on the ground stacked up like a pyramid. He states the pipes were 4-6 feet long. He states there were 15-20 pipes on the ground before Korey Kauffman went missing, and 10-12 pipes on the ground after Korey Kauffman went missing. Hans points out to Cooley that he told Detective Navarro and Detective Jon Evers that there were only two pipes left after Korey Kauffman went missing. Cooley denies saying that to Navarro and Evers. Hans gets Cooley to testify that he buried the bike next to a tree in his back yard. Cooley could not remember if the bike had a seat attached when it was buried. After a couple of side bars, Hans shows Cooley a picture (People’s 46) of the tree where the bike had been buried. Cooley states that a dog had been buried there. It was owned by Linda Sue Burns. He states that the bike was buried in the same location. There were rocks decorating the dog’s grave that had to be moved in order to bury the bike. Cooley states that the bike was buried to the left of the rocks. He states that he has no clue what happened to the bike. Hans asks Cooley why he told Detective Dale Lingerfeldt that someone had taken the bike. Cooley states that the missing bike was discovered when Linda Sue Burns was digging up her dog to move it to another house she was moving into.

Michael Cooley states that he had heard a lot of rumors concerning Korey Kauffman on the streets. Cooley denies telling Charlie O’Dell and Johnny Padilla that he had killed Korey Kauffman on his own property. He denies telling O’Dell that he had just got rid of someone when O’Dell picked Cooley and Eula Keyes up in Escalon when they were covered in mud. He states that Eula Keyes vehicle was broken down at the time. Cooley denies telling Johnny Fields that he had killed Korey Kauffman.

Hans gets Cooley to admit that he had told Johnny Padilla that he was facing more than eight years for a felony case where the cops had found meth, heroin, syringes, and ammunition in his home. He admitted that Officer Redd and Lingerfeldt had told him that he was facing as much as ten years, and that they told him that they could make his case go away for cooperation. Cooley is getting very agitated on the stand at this point. Cooley must have cooperated, because he got off with a misdemeanor and time served. I believe he only spent 4 months in jail. He was released on his own recognizance.

Jai Gohel takes over asking the questions. Jai goes over how Eula Keyes had contacted Officer Shaw after Korey Kauffman had gone missing. Jai points out how Cooley had spoken to Kirk Bunch in April of 2012, and July of 2012, and had spoken to Navarro and Evers. Cooley spoke again with Bunch on August 01, 2012. Jai Gohel reminds Cooley how he had been arrested on 1/13/2013 after a parole search turned up knives, meth, etc. Jai points out that Cooley had spoken to Detective Morass of the Turlock Police Department, and had asked Morass for consideration for information he could provide. Jai Gohel points out to Cooley that he asked Kirk Bunch if he had spoken to the DA for consideration. Cooley did not admit to asking Kirk Bunch that question. Jai points out that five days after that, a search warrant was executed on Cooley’s house. Cooley was arrested for sale of meth, knives, ammunition, etc. Jai points out that Kirk Bunch had assured Cooley that he would talk to the DA for consideration. Cooley remembers this after being refreshed. Jai points out that this arrest included enhancements for committing a felony while being out on parole. Jai points out to Cooley that he got off for a misdemeanor and time served. Jai points out that on 05/19/2014, during an interview, Kirk Bunch said he would be true to his word.

Cooley denies injecting meth with Ronald Cooper. He denies being a friend of Ronald Cooper. He denies accusing Ronald Cooper of hitting on Eula Keyes. He denies telling anyone he killed Korey Kauffman. Michael Cooley states that Korey Kauffman had hurt his hand. Jai gets him to admit that he told Kirk Bunch that Korey Kauffman had almost cut his hand off. He told Bunch that Korey Kauffman had to have his hand sewn back on.

Jai Gohel tells Cooley that on the 04/28/2012 interview with Kirk Bunch he had told Bunch that Korey Kauffman had almost lost his hand, and was just barely getting feeling back to his fingers. Cooley admits to saying this. Jai Gohel gets Cooley to admit that on August 05,2012 Bunch had told him that he had heard rumors that he was involved in the killing of Korey Kauffman. Jai states that Kirk Bunch told Cooley that: “You know what tweekers do, they just get high and just talk shit.” It is now time for our morning break.

Marlisa Ferreira takes over trying to put lipstick on a rather skinny pig with dental problems. Cooley states that he can’t remember Kirk Bunch saying that thing about tweekers that was intended to calm Cooley down. Marlisa states that Kirk Bunch had told Cooley that his job was to find out what happened to Korey Kauffman. Marlisa Ferreira gets Cooley to say that he identified the person as being Terry Carson because that was the name he had provided to him. Michael Cooley now identifies Frank Carson as the person he originally said was Terry Carson. Cooley describes Johnny Fields as a “Nobody, a tweeker.” He denies ever telling Fields that he killed Korey Kauffman. He states that he saw Fields around six times. He said that Fields was dirty, homeless, and wanted hand- outs.

Cooley tells Marlisa Ferreira that the gate did come off the hinges, and it happened before Korey Kauffman went missing. Cooley says he is as clear today as he was in 2012 concerning what happened. He states that Korey Kauffman came over to his house three times on the day he disappeared. The first time was the horse shoe incident. Cooley states he was the one who noticed and brought up the pipe issue. The second time Korey Kauffman came over was when he brought the dolly back. The third time was when Korey Kauffman came over in the evening. He states that it was dark when Korey Kauffman came over. He states that his brother Ricky was there when Korey Kauffman came over. He states that Linda Sue Burns was present.

Marlisa Ferreira states that all three defense attorneys went over Cooley’s convictions, and that none of them were crimes of violence. Cooley says he wanted to leave the other day because the defense attorneys were accusing him of killing Korey Kauffman. Marlisa Ferreira gets Cooley to say that she did not threaten him when he wanted to leave the courthouse. She discusses how Cooley got a compassionate release because his brother Tony was dying of valley fever. Marlisa Ferreira states that Cooley’s attorney Rosenstein helped him get this release. This is in direct contradiction to what Mr. Rosenstein testified to in the preliminary examination. Cooley said Eula Keyes had told him that he could not go over to the Carson property to steal that night, and he had become worried because of the threats from Frank Carson. Cooley says he had Eula Keyes call Officer Shaw because he was worried about Korey Kauffman. He states that he used a rope twice to try to fix the hole in the fence, but that it had come apart. He states the hole was open when Korey Kauffman went missing, and even more open the next day.

Cooley tells Marlisa Ferreira that he had seen Frank Carson in Linda Sue Burns’ car one time. He says he found multiple guns on the Carson property. They included a 30-06, and hand guns in 22 caliber and 45 caliber. He says he took these guns for a short time to his property and then tossed them back over the fence onto the Carson property. Marlisa asks Cooley if he told Kirk Bunch that the guns were inoperable. He could not remember. Cooley says one of the guns was in a plastic bag, and was labeled Exhibit A. He says there was a knife with blood on it that was in a plastic bag that was labeled Exhibit A. Cooley say there was a box by the buildings where he found the items. In the box was also some crystal meth, which he said he might have used, and some black tar heroin. He says he flushed the heroin. He says he was using binoculars and his naked eyes to look at the pipes. He says some pipes were missing the next day. He says he saw similar pipes at TJ Samra’s the next day. He said he never asked TJ Samra where he got the pipes from. He says he never saw anybody fixing the fence after Korey Kauffman had gone missing. Cooley said his landlord died, and he moved out after Korey Kauffman went missing. He says he saw a missle pointed at his house after Korey Kauffman went missing. He says that 8-9 of the storage containers were moved after Korey Kauffman went missing. He denies ever seeing Frank Carson with a gun. He did not know what happened concerning the hand being seen in Tina Carlos’s back yard. The jury is sent out for an early lunch at 11:33AM.

After the jury and Cooley are out of the courtroom, we get into some fireworks. Marlisa Ferreira is upset because she was shut down on a line of questioning concerning the missing pipes. Judge Zuniga states that she is having a hard time with her argument. She tells Marlisa to not lead. She does this continually, and gets away with it. We now argue about Marlisa trying to say that Frank Carson was seen with a possible gun on his side. Judge Zuniga states that Cooley has repeatedly said that he never saw Frank Carson with a gun. Judge Zuniga calls this pure speculation. Marlisa is upset about all the questions from the defense attorneys concerning his arrests, and getting off easy. She states that there was a change in the law that affected what happened. Hans Hjertonsson points out how Marlisa’s argument is completely wrong concerning how the change in the law would affect what happened. Hans points out that a felony conviction does not apply. Judge Zuniga: “Mam, you misspoke.” Now Marlisa goes into a rant about being able to hear comments from Jai Gohel concerning her inappropriate misconduct, and how the jury could hear what he was saying. Judge Zuniga says she has great hearing, and never heard any of this. Jai Gohel responds by saying it is misconduct, and that Marlisa Ferreira is constantly using leading questions. We are now done for the morning session. I will be there tomorrow morning to once again see Michael Cooley testelie on the stand.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)






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  1. Dare I gather up the little shreds of hope that I have left and put them up one more time? After today’s testiphony from the illustrious Cooley best friend of koryy Kaufman, I got the sense that the tide may turn to the defense’s benefit. I feel as if yesterday when Cooley was on the stand he was having a hard time pulling off his performance. All of the witnesses that have been on the stand so far have have all contradicted each other’s testimonies in one place or another in front of the jury. But when when Cooley got on the stand, he was the worst of all. Even a person with the sharpest un clouded mind would have a hard time remembering all the lies 6 years later. Cooley and and the crew collectively have failed the DDA. And the good part is that this was all done in front of the jury finally. And I’m sure that they get the jest of it. Now, the j judge is affording yhe DDA SO much benefit of yhe doubt ,giving her many chances and is helping her save face as best she can, but in spite of this, the case will still be destroyed. What Marlisa fails to understand is the nature of lies is this: lies have a shelf life, they tend to deteriorate and fade from one’s memory overtime. I think that Cooley today on the stand having such a rough time remembering his testilies so much so that he wanted to run away but couldn’t so I think that today he found it easier to say the truth in response to some of the questions then it was to remember the lies. Overtime lies fade and dissapate like smoke. Smoke and mirrors is what this whole case is built on and what worked in the prelim hearing will never fly here even if the judge excuses and overlooks her misconduct. The truth of the matter is that these are low low life heroin addicts dope fiends and even if Marlisa is holding prison time over their heads they would never be able to remember every minor detail of this sordid story. The truth on the other hand always the same, it is the truth npw and 36 years from now the story would remain the same it would be consistent. All stories would
    D be the same They have drawn this whole case out too long for these tweaker burnouts to rremember even the officers on the dare I say “task force “did not recal it all. Cooley and eula AND others remember to say that there were so many pipes the night before and the next day there were only a few left or there were only a few missing as if they are trying to insinuate that KAUFMAN must have went to Carson’s yard . This is laughable because if he would have went over to steal the pipes there and got caught all the pipes would be there none would be missing. They all seem to remember this point in the story I think Marlisa is stressing that they say it duh! If I was one of the juror I would be very angry at Melissa for insulting my intelligence by trying to pass off these clowns as law abiding credible citizen and by wasting everyone’s precious time. What the hell let’s let’s get our hopes up what harm could it do? The truth Will eventually set them free !

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