Week 11, Day 42 (The Investigators Put Words In My Mouth)

In the eleven weeks of testimony in this trial, Marlisa Ferreira has had most of her witnesses blow up on her on the stand. Once again, “Poof”, she has another train wreck of a witness on the stand. Marlisa Ferreira is making this trial an example of how to not conduct a prosecution.

We start out around 9:15AM with a Stanislaus County Sheriff by the name of Noel Vento on the stand. He had been on the stand yesterday when I was home with my wife on her birthday. His testimony today lasted just one question. Defense attorney Percy Martinez asks Sheriff’s Deputy Vento if he saw a Merced County Sheriff’s Deputy respond to an incident that allegedly happened at the Michael Cooley house. Deputy Vento says: “No.” Percy Martinez has no further questions. Deputy Vento is allowed to step down from the stand.

Now Marlisa Ferreira calls Janet Fletcher to the stand. She looks like she belongs to my clan. She is dressed in a Woodstock T-Shirt, and I kind of liked her from the beginning. She is obviously with it mentally, and is not one of the hard drug infused witnesses that we usually see from the prosecution. Ms. Fletcher testifies that she had a conversation with TJ Singh (Samra.) She states that she had gone to the recycling center and had a conversation with him. She states that she also had a conversation with a neighbor on what she had spoken to TJ Singh about. We immediately have a side bar. After the side bar, Marlisa Ferreira asks Ms. Fletcher if she had spoken to a woman. She states that she had spoken to a woman about the theft problems in the neighborhood. She states that she told the woman to be prepared because there were a lot of “Tweekers” in the neighborhood. She is shown People’s 68, and recognizes the photograph of a house. She states that she might have said “Hi.” She states that she spoke to a next door neighbor, and a neighbor across the street. She states the thieves were coming from Lander Ave, and she was aware that they were pilfering. Marlisa Ferreira asks her if she told Detective Navarro if “They” were not able to catch anyone. After being refreshed, she did not remember telling Navarro anything like that. Marlisa Ferreira has no further questions for her.

Percy Martinez asks Ms. Fletcher how many neighbors she had spoken to. Ms. Fletcher states that she spoke to around three neighbors, all women, and one was married. She states that just one neighbor was aware of the thefts. She states that she can’t recall what this neighbor looked like. She states that she saw a Korey Kauffman Flyer at TJ Sing’s Recycling Center, but did not read what is said, and could not remember when she had spoken to TJ Singh. Percy has no further questions for Ms. Fletcher.

Marlisa Ferreira asks Ms. Fletcher if one of the women she had spoken to had a bus parked next to the house. Ms. Fletcher states: “I don’t think so.” Marlisa Ferreira tries to refresh her memory, and Ms. Fletcher states that she had read the reports yesterday, and it did not refresh her memory. She states that she did not say what she had allegedly said in the report. Marlisa Ferreira has no further questions. This was a totally worthless witness for the prosecution, in a never ending stream of worthless witnesses. This is an example of why this trial will go much longer than what the prosecution says.

Marlisa Ferreira calls her next witness. This one is truly a “Poof” witness for her. It is like Kirk Bunch wrote a report on his own without listening to anything he had to say. The witness is named John Paden. He is a disabled school custodian who lives in the area of the alleged homicide. He states that he lived at 1109 S. Johnson Rd. He states that he knew Korey Kauffman who was his neighbor, and would wave “Hello” to him. Mr. Paden states that he once gave Korey Kauffman an old engine block because he knew Korey Kauffman was into recycling. He states that Korey Kauffman helped him remove a tree by using a chain saw, and was polite. Mr. Paden testifies that he had seen Korey Kauffman scrapping. Mr. Paden states that a neighbor had told him and his wife Debbie that Korey Kauffman had gone missing. Marlisa asks Mr. Paden if he remembered an incident before Korey Kauffman had gone missing. John Paden states that there were daily incidents. Marlisa Ferreira starts asking some very leading questions, which get shot down by Judge Zuniga. It seems like she knows she can get away with this sort of crap, so she continues to ask leading questions. John Paden states that he has no idea what she is asking about. John Paden: “No, I don’t remember.”

Marlisa Ferreira, steam emanating from her pores, goes onto the offense. She tries to refresh Mr. Paden’s memory. He states that he read the reports yesterday. He states: “No, I don’t remember saying that.” Marlisa: “Did you have a conversation with the defense?” Mr. Paden: “No.” Marlisa: “Did you talk to a private investigator?” Mr. Paden: A couple of years ago after I had spoken to Kirk Bunch.” John Paden states that he did not see the private investigator taking any notes, and the private investigator did not say that he was recording the conversation. He states that he can’t remember the name of the private investigator. He describes the private investigator as being dark skinned and heavy set. He states that the private investigator was interested in some logs on his property. I think these logs came from the tree that Korey Kauffman had helped cut down. John Paden testifies that he spoke to a short stalky older female attorney after he had spoken to Kirk Bunch. He states that she talked to him about a year and a half after the Bunch interview. He states that this lady attorney came with a gentleman who might have taken some notes. John Paden describes the gentleman as having brown hair, and middle aged. He states that the gentleman said he came from out of town. John Paden states that the gentleman wanted what the people next door were like, and if he knew Korey Kauffman.

John Paden testifies that he never said anything about the date 03/28/2012. Marlisa Ferreira asks Mr. Paden if he wants to be in the courtroom today. John Paden: “I have no problem Mam.” Marlisa: “Did you tell Kirk Bunch about a black BMW?” John Paden: “No, he told me.” Marlisa: “Did you tell Bunch that is slowed down, then sped back up?” John Paden: “I do not remember.” Marlisa: “Did you tell Kirk Bunch that you couldn’t see anybody because the glass was darkly tinted?” John Paden: “No.” Mr. Paden denies saying that he saw an arm sticking out of a window on the car. He denies hearing a person hollering from the car. He denies hearing the famous “Your ass is grass” statement from the car. He denies Korey Kauffman flipping the bird from the car. He says he was standing by some roses, but again denies seeing a black BMW. He states that he had no conversation with Korey Kauffman. He denies people were threatening. He says that Korey Kauffman kept to himself. John Paden states that Korey Kauffman had been working on an old beat up Jeep. He denies telling Kirk Bunch he was 100% sure about seeing a black BMW. He testifies that he had spoken to Tony Kauffman. Objection, hearsay, sustained. He states that he did not tell Kirk Bunch that he did not see Korey Kauffman two days after this alleged incident that he now denies happened. (I know that is terrible grammar, but that is what she said.) John Paden denies saying anything about a person lying back in the seat of the black BMW that he did not see.

John Paden states that Korey Kauffman was observed ripping apart a trailer all day long. He states that he was not pruning his roses during this incident that he now says never happened. He denies telling Detective Jon Evers that he was outside around 45 minutes. He states that the female attorney and gentleman came over to talk to him only once. He denies that they told him they were representing anyone. He states that he did not see Korey Kauffman after 03/20/2012. He states that he did not see Korey Kauffman after he had been visited by Tony Kauffman.

Percy Martinez gets Mr. Paden to state that he is a disabled/retired custodian. Mr. Paden speaks about having three separate conversations with Kirk Bunch. John Paden could not recognize Kirk Bunch in the courtroom today. Percy Martinez asks Mr. Paden what the “Tenor” of Kirk Bunch’s telephone call was like. Judge Zuniga immediately sends the jury out for a recess. She had John Paden step out of the courtroom. We have a big argument about the last question. Judge Zuniga says it goes to his state of mind. Percy Martinez says that John Paden remembers the phone call from Bunch. Percy says Paden disagrees he ever told Bunch anything concerning March 28, 2012. Marlisa Ferreira argues that she did not bring that up in her questioning. Judge Zuniga: “It is relevant.” Marlisa: “It is prejudicial, he is angry with Kirk Bunch, he assumes Bunch wrote the affidavit.” (The Ramey Warrant that was full of crap and lies.)

It is now 10:57AM, and Percy Martinez continues with John Paden on the stand. Percy asks Paden why he was upset with Kirk Bunch. Paden states that he never said anything about any dates. Paden calls it “Bull Shit.” He once again states that he never told Kirk Bunch anything concerning 03/28/2012. Paden states that his daughter found the Ramey Warrant on the internet, and that he had read the Ramey Warrant. That is where he found the crap that mentioned the date.

John Paden tells Percy Martinez that he remembers Korey Kauffman working on the Jeep. He has no idea if Korey Kauffman was using both hands while working on the Jeep. He has no idea if Korey Kauffman had a bandage on one of his hands. He testifies that it was Kirk Bunch that brought up the black BMW. He states that his sister has a black BMW. He denies seeing a black BMW in front of his house. He denies describing the car that Kirk Bunch talks about in his reports. He denies telling Kirk Bunch that the black BMW was from the late 1990’s. He states that he has listened and read the reports concerning his interview and phone call, and it does not refresh his memory.

John Paden states that Korey Kauffman helped remove a tree around 2010 while using a chain saw. He states that it was a Sunday morning in early December. He does not recall hearing the famous “Your ass is grass” statement from the car he did not see. He states that investigators from the DA’s Office came by to talk to him years later. He says they called him again later. He states that he told them he was upset that they had said what he did not say in the Ramey Warrant. He once again states that he never said anything concerning 03/28/2012.

Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson takes over asking the questions. Hans gets Paden to state that he “Followed the lead” of the investigators when they interviewed him. He states that it was a “Bad Mistake” to do so. He once again states that he never saw the black BMW pull up in front of his house. He once again states that Kirk Bunch was the one who mentioned the black BMW, and later changed it to a blue BMW. He once again says what Kirk Bunch was saying was “Bull Shit.” Paden states that he is not 100% sure if Kirk Bunch had told him that he did not want to help out in a homicide investigation. He denies that he knew the date that Korey Kauffman had gone missing when he was interviewed in 2014. He states that he was told by a family member of Korey Kauffman about 4-5 weeks after he had gone missing. He once again says he read and listened to the reports. He once again says Kirk Bunch changed the black BMW to a blue BMW. Jai Gohel tries to ask some questions concerning a female that might have been present. He did not recall anything concerning this.

Marlisa Ferreira asks Paden if Kirk Bunch’s phone call was before or after he had spoken to the female attorney and gentleman. He says the phone call came after their visit. Paden denies that the attorney mentioned Kirk Bunch in her conversation with him. He denies the gentleman mentioned Kirk Bunch in the conversation. Paden states he was unaware that the defendants had been arrested when Kirk Bunch spoke to him. He states that his daughter had shown him the affidavit. (The Ramey Warrant.) He denies knowing that Kirk Bunch was not the writer of the Ramey Warrant. (Only the chief source of crap.) Marlisa Ferreira tries to find out if Paden was aware of Kirk Bunch’s basis for believing 03/28/2012 was the date. She mentions something about Bunch telling Paden something about two other sources about this date. Marlisa tries to show that Paden’s memory is not as good today as it was in 2014. Paden states that he was diagnosed with Epstein Bar in 1989. He states that he is on anti-depressants. He states that he was “Wound up” on psychiatric drugs when he was interviewed by Kirk Bunch in 2014. Paden denies that his memory was fresher in 2014 than it is today. Paden tells Marlisa that he was trying to be truthful in his interview with Kirk Bunch. She has no further questions.

Percy Martinez asks John Paden if he can remember the date of the telephone call from Kirk Bunch. Marlisa Ferreira stipulates that it was done on August 20, 2015. Paden remembers that the lady attorney came by to talk to him after the phone call. He states that he was honest with Kirk Bunch in the phone call. He says he was honest with Kirk Bunch when he told Bunch that he had not mentioned 03/28/2012. He says Bunch was putting words into his mouth.

Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson asks Paden if Kirk Bunch had told him things that he just went along with. John Paden: “Correct.” Judge Zuniga tells the jury it is time for lunch, even though it is around 11:45AM. After the witness and jury are out of the courtroom Judge Zuniga says: “I need to look at the transcripts Mam.” Marlisa Ferreira wants to play the recorded discs and read the transcripts to the jury concerning this incident. She wants to try to impeach her own witness. She states that John Paden has denied 98-99% of what he allegedly said in 2014. She states that the defense attorneys are pulling things out of context in the recordings and reports. Percy Martinez has objections to several things contained in these reports and recordings. Judge Zuniga instructs the attorneys to meet at lunchtime and work something out. We are now done with the morning session. I will be there tomorrow morning to listen to more of this crapola.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)

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