In May 2017 I was contacted by a family out of Oakdale in regard to a missing family member.

That missing family member was John Deny and at the time had been missing for over a month. To see that article on Dawgs Blog click HERE. In addition, there were two follow-up articles here:



A friend of that family contacted me yesterday and advised that John Denys body had been recovered on the bank of the Stanislaus River by Jacob Myers Park.

A riverbank homicide detective has been on the case for some time in the family has said there is a possibility he was buried on the river’s edge. In the past the family has been requesting cadaver dogs be used in the search that has been extensive, but there has been no response to that request. And apparently Mr. Deny was found with clothing and shoes on so it appears he was not just simply swimming.

Dogs Blog sends out our most sincere condolences to that family in their loss. They family has also started a gofundme page to raise funds for burial services.

If any other information becomes available, we will pass that on as soon as possible.


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