As most of you I am sure have noticed, I have taken a bit of downtime this week to get caught up on some much-needed rest during the break in the court schedule.

I had some personal stuff to tend to and been out of town a bit.

But note we will be back in court Tuesday afternoon at 1:30pm to finish the O.R. hearing, then back before the jury on Wednesday.

I would also like to note that there are some people, though well intentioned, talk a great game, but I do find rare people who actually do and come through with what they say.

Micah Dizney is one of those people who does what he says and follows through. And I am grateful for his help during the troubling past few weeks.

Also note that Harley Smith from Revolutions in Oakdale, who also gave me a big help this last week and I appreciate it also. Consider your car needs going to Harley. (btw: not a paid endorsement just my humble opinion)

So now I am a bit rested and be back at it next week and in it for the long haul.






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