Deep in the woods of the WestPomerania region of Poland, an entire section of trees bends at sharp angles near their bases, forming an odd and entrancing phenomenon known as “The Crooked Forest.”

No one is quite sure why they bend like this.

Some have theorized that harsh weather conditions made them this way. Others have said that man made development uprooted the trees.

The trees were planted around 1930. During that time, and throughout WWII, Germans controlled the area.

Some believe that the tree design was man made. But no one understands why they would be.

One theory, is that the trees could have been planted specifically for growing bent would to help construct things like ships, rocking chairs, and sleighs.

Others have speculated that the war had a significant impact on the landscape since there was so much fighting between the red Army and the Wehrmacht in this area. There have been more obscure theories about witchcraft and energy fields.

The photographer ventured into the crooked Forest for the first time a few years ago. When he came back gently, he got lucky with foggy weather conditions, one of his favorite times to shoot.

He travels throughout the forests in Europe, but says this Grove in Poland is the most unique.

Check out the photos for yourself.

Connecticut assault victim gets 18 months in jail…….


A Connecticut man who was assaulted by three juveniles while at work has been sentenced to prison for stabbing one of the attackers.

The Connecticut Post reports 21-year-old Jeffrey Sumpter of Bridgeport received 18 months in jail Monday at a Stamford courthouse.

The paper reported that Sumpter — who was convicted of felony first-degree assault — also will have to spend three years following his release on probation. If he breaks the law during that time, Sumpter could be made to serve all or part of a 42-month prison sentence.

Sumpter was working at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Norwalk last October when he was jumped by three males. During the assault, Sumpter stabbed one of them in the leg.

“I was defending myself,” Sumpter said during the hearing.

Judge John Blawie told Sumpter that he believed his version of events, but had to follow the letter of the law.

Under Connecticut law, assault victims cannot use deadly force if they are able to retreat from their attackers. By contrast, 27 states — most notably Florida — have passed so-called “stand-your-ground” laws, which entitle citizens to use force in self-defense if there is a reasonable belief of a threat.