Just a quick note after a week off from the Frank Carson et al. trial.

Court resumes tomorrow at 1:30 PM to finish the own recognizance revocation motion filed by the District Attorney’s Office.

So there be no jury tomorrow but there will be a podcast tomorrow night with the results and hopefully the judge’s ruling on this motion.

This is the second day of this motion, and the District Attorney’s Office is claiming that Frank Carson is intimidating witnesses including Kirk Bunch who said he was standing in the hallway with Frank Carson and felt intimidated.

The District Attorney’s Office is also trying to put this blogger in the middle of this motion on the previous day of testimony by Kirk Bunch. Investigator Bunch had stated that I had made a comment in regard to Frank Carson’s comment to the apparently thin-skinned investigators in the courtroom as he was leaving one day when he was sick. During his previous testimony, Kirk bunch stated that I had made a comment that was inappropriate what Frank Carson had said.

Not knowing exactly what I had said that day, it is not relevant to the issue at hand as to the revocation of their own recognizance. It is more of a feeble effort by the District Attorney’s Office to try to intimidate anybody in the area that they feel may not be kissing their backside. Again, that testimony is irrelevant as to the issue at hand and just shows the tactics that this District Attorney’s Office is willing to use in their win at all cost attitudes.

Kirk Bunch also noted that Frank Carson had set in the gallery while he was testifying in the Aguilar case, again he said he felt intimidated because he was being looked at while he was testifying. He gave some other testimony regarding instances where he said he felt intimidated by Frank Carson.

Personally, I feel if we have our law enforcement officers in this county that are intimidated by a 65-year-old man standing in a hallway or sitting in a gallery of a court case, which any citizen can do, I believe that goes to the lack of effectiveness that they can do their job properly.

I must admit that this appears to be a direct result of the lack of integrity and leadership that sits at the top of the District Attorney’s Office. Birgit Fladager has already admitted on the record, and on video that has been played on Dawgs Blog, stating that she wants her junior Deputy district Attorney personnel prosecuting innocent people to gain trial experience. See video HERE . This is the attitude that is filtered down from the top of this District Attorney’s Office and it does not appear that anyone is willing to step up to try to get control of this abhorrent behavior.

Where are you Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors?

The citizens of Stanislaus County to have a say in the future of this District Attorney’s Office. In November there is a runoff between Birgit Fladager and John Mayne. Please educate yourself to make a proper vote in the election.