The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office filed charges Monday of voluntary manslaughter against Stanislaus County sheriff’s Deputy Justin Wall in the February 2017 shooting of Evin Olsen Yadegar, a Modesto woman.

Yadegar, 46, was shot by Wall in Ripon after a law-enforcement pursuit that began in Salida. Authorities have said she was shot after she did not respond to commands to exit her vehicle and then put it in reverse, driving toward two deputies and a Ripon police officer.

Dashboard camera footage released Monday from a patrol car does show Yadegar backing up a few feet before putting her car in drive and moving forward to go around a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicle that had blocked her. She was shot by Wall not as she’s backing up, but as she’s moving forward again.

A news release Monday from the DA makes no mention of Yadegar endangering any officers or deputies with her Volkswagen sedan. It says she stopped her car for “several moments” in a neighborhood off Main Street. As authorities were trying to get her to exit her car, “she drove off again,” the DA’s release says. “At that time, Wall fired four shots at Mrs. Yadegar. None of the other officers at the scene fired their weapons.”



  1. Very close case. Let’s see if the new Sheriff, Jeff Dirkse, stands behind Wall or throws him under the bus.

    1. I don’t believe that would be throwing him under the bus.

      When she drove around the vehicle he was not in the path of her vehicle. She was driving away from the officers, no one in immediate danger.

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