This is an email I received from the person that represented Carmen Sabatino in his meetings with the district attorney office investigators at Starbucks recently. apparently they watch very closely what I am doing, so I am curious why he also forwarded these emails to Kirk Bunch and Marlisa Ferreira.

Anyone have any ideas why they would do that?



FYI,  a blogger by the name of Marty Carlson, blogged on 07/17/2018 on his Dawgonnit-Dawgs Blog:

“Hello everybody, this is Marty, from Dawg’s Blog.

This is tonight’s podcast, from the Frank Carson, et al case, this afternoon, if you listened before, we had the OR motion this morning.

Tom’s report is up on that, and we also, just for information, I was finally able to obtain after, not being an easy thing to find, Carmen Sabatino’s motion today.

Now, I do have a copy of it. I-it’s quite extensive. It’s a couple hundred pages and, uh, so, uh, I’m gonna take some time– I’m gonna have to take some time reading it and then getting it up on the site. Um, so give me a couple of days.

Uh, it’s very interesting reading. He does not have, uh, an attorney doing his briefs, motions and whatever they’re doing. He does have a representative.

And, uh, so sometimes people think they’re smarter than what they are. So, uh, it’s quite interesting what all that has to say.

And the only other thing I say about it is that everybody says, “Don’t talk to the cops”.

Carmen Sabatino and his representative have had clandestine meetings with Marlisa Ferreira and Kirk Bunch as laid out in this motion which included the transcript, which will all be put online.” 

It seems that Carlson imagines himself as the Matt Drudge of Modesto and a legend in his own mind.  (LOL)


Gene Forte

Facilitator for Sabatino


Remember this is not about you but many people fighting for their lives right now.

Goes to show how popular I am as they are obviously listening to my podcasts. Mr. Sabatino had his representative sent me a pdf file of the trandscribme! Transcript of my podcast I appreciate their support.

And you did put a copy of your clandestine meeting at Starbucks in your motion.

Thank you so much for your support.

Again I repeat: this is not about you but many people fighting for their lives right now.




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