Week 14, Day 54 (The return of smoke and mirrors)

Well here I am again at the keyboard. Today, I got my first look at self- proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook in a long time. This man has been living high on the hog lately and has put on a tremendous amount of weight.

It took almost an hour this morning to get the courtroom ready for Jim Cook. Judge Zuniga insisted on a larger screen for Jim Cook’s Power Point presentation. This was necessary because she wanted to make sure the jury could see the presentation. I witnesses multiple violations of OSHA regulations as Steve Jacobson stood on top of a very unstable narrow table to install the larger screen. What a physical specimen he is. There have been rumors of ways he has enhanced his physical abilities. We will leave it at that.

At 9:55AM, the screen was finally fixed to the satisfaction of Judge Zuniga. The defense attorneys make an argument to exclude Jim Cook’s son Chris Cook from the courtroom. He has been subpoenaed by the defense as a witness in this case. This tactic has been used successfully by Marlisa Ferreira to exclude many people from the courtroom in this case. Judge Zuniga states that the court has discretion regarding this issue after the preliminary hearing has been completed. Once I heard her say that, I knew how she was going to rule. The motion to exclude was denied. Judge Zuniga almost always rules in favor of the prosecution. She would have done well in Tombstone as a “Hang em High” judge. Fortunately, she is not the finder of fact in this case. The jury of 12 will decide guilt or innocence, and Marlisa Ferreira’s presentation has been so far lacking of any evidence of substance. The cause of death for Korey Kauffman has not even been established after 14 weeks of testimony. Percy Martinez argued that Chris Cook is under subpoena as a witness. Marlisa Ferreira stated that Chris Cook was being paid by the prosecution, and that she needs him to help with the Power Point presentation. In the final analysis, I think that Marlisa Ferreira is a spoiled brat that almost always gets what she wants. At the end of this trial, the spoiled brat will have a temper tantrum. I will be there to soak it all in for sure.

It is now 10:14AM, and Steve Jacobson is put on the stand for only a couple of questions. Jai Gohel asks Jacobson about the wiretaps that are being used in this case. He listed them for Jai, and I was really shocked how few of the thousands of recorded calls are actually being used. We have listened to all of them, and there is absolutely nothing in them of any significance. The wiretaps were a complete waste of time. Some of the recorded calls were from the three CHP Officers. Marlisa Ferreira makes a point to the jury that the three officers are no longer officers. We have a side bar after this statement. After the side bar, Jai Gohel asks Jacobson if the CHP Officers were CHP Officers at the time they were dismissed. He tries to ask Jacobson why they were dismissed, and Judge Zuniga blurts out (NO.)

It is now 10:20AM, and Marlisa Ferreira calls Jim Cook to the stand. He needs to go see George Zimmer for some new duds. His expanded world does not fit his wardrobe anymore. We now go into a section where Marlisa Ferreira goes through Jim Cook’s qualifications. He literally works for every law enforcement agency in California, and many out of state as well. She goes over all the jobs he has had, and how he presently owns a company named Premier Customer Connections. He has done around 111 cases as an expert. He started out as a cell phone salesman, and is now an owner of a multi- million dollar company that works exclusively for law enforcement.

None of the defense attorneys except Jai Gohel had any questions after Jim Cook gave his testimony concerning his qualifications. Jai asked Jim Cook if he had a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, a PhD, an education in engineering, physics, etc. Jim Cook answered no to all those questions. He has a high school education. It doesn’t matter. He is qualified as an expert by Judge Zuniga. Hang em High.

Marlisa now shows Jim Cook an envelope containing CD’s that he will be using for his presentation. They are entered into evidence.

We now go into his Power Point presentation. We start out with: “How A Cell Phone Works.” You could tell that he has rehearsed his testimony. He was speaking so quickly that I could not really take any notes. He angered Judge Zuniga when he used a theoretical call from the judge to explain how the cell phone would connect. Judge Zuniga complained about this after we broke for lunch, and instructed Marlisa Ferreira to make sure he does not personalize his presentation in the afternoon. Judge Zuniga said he was totally “Inappropriate” by what he had done in front of the jury. Judge Zuniga has a problem with Exhibit 363 of the Power Point presentation. She states that the slides that are entered into evidence must be based on the business records. Judge Zuniga will not allow the 13 slides in this presentation to be entered into evidence. This is kind of late. The jury has already been shown them. We are now done for the morning session. I will be there tomorrow morning to report on what I observe.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)