1. Marty. Do you understand there are 2 pop n corks? One is by Stan state and the other is by lander ave.

    1. Author

      Yes been to both, in 2012 there wasnt.

      1. Oh, wow. Stan state is quite a distance away. According to Google maps f st. Is 3.5 mi. away from Stan state. Which means the cell phones could have easily been anywhere within the City of Turlock when the calls were made. It is so misleading for Cook to say that Carsons property was within the vicinity of where the cell phone calls were made. Yeah, the cell phone evidence does prove Baljeet and Daljeet could have been on Carson’s property on the night of Kauffmans death. They also could have been on any other property in Turlock, including their own. I hope the defense counters with their own googlemaps showing the City of Turlock and how the 2 towers cover the entire City East of the 99. Marlissa is atill trying to coroborate woodys testimony. She is trying to use Cook to establish that Woodys story is supported by cell phone records. The problem is they only coroborate that Baljeet and Daljeet were in Turlock. They don’t coroborate they were on Carson’s property. Should the judge find the cell phone records coroborate woodys story? Of course not. But we all know she will.
        Furthermore, expert testimony is only admissible if it assists the tryer of fact to decide an issue in dispute. The fact that Daljeet and Baljeet were in Turlock the night of March 30-31 is not in dispute. Thus, as a matter of law, Cooks opinion testimony is inadmissible. The defense should move to strike Cooks entire testimony, and as a matter of law, the court must grant that motion. Now, we all know the court won’t do this, but I would be very interested in Marlissas response. I cannot imagine that she could possibly have any legally coherent response. I predict Judge Z will make yet another legally wrong decision. Marlissa may argue that the fact there was no cell phone activity after 1 am on the atwalls phones is telling, and the fact Kauffman made no calls after 1030 is telling. OK, so just let in that portion of the testimony and strike everything else.

        1. Author

          The mapping slides are also incredibly deceiving too, as to the actual signals propagating and overlaps between towers.

        2. Author

          BTW the mapping shows they could have been at walmart or target that night too.

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