Week 15, Day 58 (Jim Cook Starts To Go “Poof”)

This morning I witnessed yet another of Marlisa Ferreira’s key witnesses go “Poof.” He was basically blown up by defense attorney Percy Martinez on the stand. This afternoon, defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson will take over on cross examination. I expect Mr. Cook’s experience to be epic and brutal.

It is 9:20AM, and the jury is brought into the courtroom. Self-proclaimed cell phone expert Jim Cook is brought to the stand, and we are off to the races. Percy did a high speed assassination of Jim Cook this morning. I was taking notes like a crazy man trying to keep up. Percy Martinez gets Cook to reluctantly admit that the cell phone devices of Baljit Athwal, Daljit Atwal, Robert Woody, Robin Attenoffer, Walter Wells, Eduardo Quintinar, and Scott McFarlane did not have any contact with the house phone of Frank Carson ever. Cook has to admit that no calls or texts were made from the cell phone device associated with Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal to the cell phone associated with Georgia DeFelippo. Cook admits that there were no calls from the cell phone devices associated with Daljit Atwal and Baljit Athwal to the cell phone of Christina DeFelippo. Percy Martinez now gets Cook to admit that he can’t tell where a cell phone is located within a specific cell phone site and sector when using his analysis of the historical cell phone data he was provided.

Percy Martinez now goes into some specific cell phone activity from the cell phone associated with Frank Carson. The dates and times were: 01/31/2012 at 8:10AM and 8:12AM, 03/13/2012 at 9:44AM, 7/19/2012 at 7:08AM, 06/26/2012 at 9:15AM, and 7/03/2012 at 8:42AM. All these calls connected to the CSU Stanislaus cell phone tower on the Northwest sector. All of the calls were made on a Tuesday morning. Percy shows Jim Cook that on his slide number 75 of 229 he points out the point of interest is Pop N Cork Liquors for all of these calls. Percy points out to Mr. Cook that Korey Kauffman resided on S. Johnson Street, which is within the cell phone site and sector on slide 75. The point of all of this is that Frank Carson goes to the Turlock Flea Market nearly every Tuesday morning, and the Turlock Flea Market is within the same cell phone site and sector. I guess you can get arrested for attending the Turlock Flea Market. I noticed that Jim Cook was turning bright red on the stand. It was just beginning for him.

Percy gets Jim Cook to testify that he is a member of the California District Attorney Association. Jim Cook reluctantly admits that he only works for the prosecution in criminal cases. Percy Martinez asks Jim Cook if he has an interest in the outcome of the cases he works on. Jim Cook says: “No.” Percy Martinez shows Jim Cook that he testified “Yes” to this question in the preliminary examination. Percy Martinez shows Jim Cook how he advertised his convictions in a brochure that he produced in July of 2015. We have a side bar. Judge Zuniga marks the brochure as an exhibit. Jim Cook calls the exhibit a case reference list. He testifies that he listed the outcome of his cases on that brochure, but does not do so now. Jim Cook has to reluctantly admit that on the brochure he listed himself as winning the “Salesman of the Year” award. Jim Cook hates to admit that he was a cell phone salesman.

Jim Cook now gets evasive when Percy Martinez tries to find out what percentage of his work is derived from working for law enforcement. Marlisa Ferreira objects. We have another side bar. Marlisa Ferreira’s objection is overruled. Percy Martinez gets Jim Cook to reluctantly admit that he testified in the preliminary examination that he derives around 90% of his income by working for law enforcement. Jim Cook testifies that he had done cell phone work for law enforcement for around 10 years before he began working on this case. He states that he also works for a number of civil firms, but would not speculate how much of his income is derived from this source.

Jim Cook now is asked who decided what was going to be mapped in this case. Cook states that it was a colaberation with the client (DA’s Office) and the evidence he was asked to analyze. Cook states that the evidence was provided by the DA’s Office. Cook would not speculate how many meetings he had with the DA’s Office. He states that he did keep records for the meetings that he charged for, but does not know how many. He states that he has records for this, but does not have these records with him in the courtroom. Percy asks Jim Cook if he had his work reviewed by another expert. Jim Cook says: “Yes, my son.” Jim Cook has to admit that he can’t really determine how large the coverage area is for a specific cell phone site, and that the cell phone data records do not provide him with this information. Cook says that the AT&T cell site list will give him an approximate coverage area.

Percy Martinez gets Jim Cook to testify that the cell phone data records show that the cell phone device associated with Frank Carson was not in the Turlock area on 03/30/2012 and 03/31/2012. Percy Martinez gets Jim Cook to admit that in 2011, there were no calls from Frank Carson’s Law Office to Baljit Athwal. Percy Martinez gets Cook to reluctantaly admit that he did not analyze the data from Korey Kauffman’s cell phone device for 03/29/2012. Cook admits that there was an event on 03/29/2012 at 3:15PM on Korey Kauffman’s cell phone device, but that nothing before that was analyzed. Cook states that the last activity on Korey Kauffman’s cell phone device on that date was at 5:09PM that lasted for 1 minute and 29 seconds. There was activity on that cell phone device at 5:45PM that did not connect. Jim Cook states that Korey Kauffman’s cell phone device had activity on 03/30/2012 at 5:22PM, and nothing more till 10:16PM. Cook states that he did analysis on Korey Kauffman’s cell phone for a period of two weeks after that date. We now take our morning break.

After the break, Percy Martinez gets Jim Cook to testify that he analyzed Korey Kauffman’s cell phone data from 03/29/2012 to 04/16/2012. Percy asks Cook if the last activity on Korey Kauffman’s cell phone on 03/29/2012 was at 3:13PM. Cook states: “Can’t answer that question as presented.” Back to that crap again Mr. Cook. Percy now goes into a never ending list of calls to and from Korey Kauffman’s cell phone on various dates of interest. The interesting thing here is that the cell phone is normally turned off, but magically is turned on many times when Eula Keyes is calling the cell phone. It shows to any reasonable person that Eula Keyes had control of Korey Kauffman’s cell phone after he disappeared. Why she called it multiple time is a mystery to me. Perhaps she knew he was dead, but wanted to try to show that he was not dead. Just guessing here folks.

Phone on or off
Who called the phone

3/29 1709 On

3/29 1722 Off

03/29 1743 Off

03/30 1722 On? (Duration 19 Seconds)

03/30 1726 On? (Duration 28 Seconds)

03/30 2215 On (Outgoing call)

03/30 2216 On? (Inbound call duration 1 minute 15 Sec)

03/31 1055 Off (Duration 19 Seconds)

03/31 1654 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

03/31 1801 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

03/31 2002 Off (Call from Eula Keyes)

03/31 2353 Off

04/01 1808 Off

04/02 1339:19 Off

04/02 1339:47 Off

04/02 1353 Off

04/02 1356 Off

04/02 1935 Off

04/02 1936 Off

04/02 2023 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/03 1606 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/03 1924 Off

04/03 1929 Off

4/04 0821 Off

04/04 1212 Off

04/04 1236 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/04 1925 Off

04/04 1926 Off

04/04 1941 Off

04/05 0135 Off

04/04 0136 Off

04/05 1239 Off

04/05 1611 Off

04/06 1247 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/06 1248 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/06 0106 Off

04/06 0927 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/06 1142 Off

04/06 1946 Off

04/06 1142 Off

04/06 1946 Off

04/06 1142 Off

04/06 1946:51 Off

04/07 1245 On (Call from Kevin Pickett)

04/07 1246 On (Call from Eula Keyes)

04/07 1256 On

04/07 0928 Off

04/07 1130 On

04/07 2154 Off

04/08 0617 Off

This was a royal pain in the ass to type. I am now done. Be there tomorrow morning.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)





  1. Sorry folks, I will not be there tomorrow morning. It is Saturday. Sleeeeep.I think the jury has had their fill of his can’t answer the question as posed crap. The County has paid him a huge amount of our tax dollars for basically nothing. one by one the prosecution’s key witnesses are blowing up on Marlisa Ferreira. Tom

    1. There is court on Saturday?

  2. Well, let’s say I murdered somebody (speaking hypothetically), And I had their cell phone. If I wanted to make it look like I they were still alive, I would first look on the internet to see how cell phone data is analyzed. Then I would drive their cell phone around for several weeks, and make sure that the cell phone received several calls during that time in different locations so that when someone analyzed the cell phone data, it would kook like they were up and about for several weeks after they left my presence. But just to make sure the phone was not being actively monitored by law enforcement, I would keep the phone turned off except when I was making a call to it. When questioned by law enforcement I would say that I did call that phone several times because I was trying to help in the search. Just saying that’s what I would do. Can’t say that is what Eula was doing. It is all probably just one amazing coincidence.

    But what about the call from Kevin Pickett? There are 2 explanations. 1. Just a coincidence because Mr. Picket was constantly calling the phone and it was inevitable that eventually, when the phone was turned on a call would connect, or 2. Eula, I mean the person who had Kauffmans phone, got access to Kevin Picketts phone and called Kauffmans phone from it. Remember, Kevin Pickett insists the day Kauffman went missing was the 29th of March, not the 30th. Kevin Pickett may know more than we think. He may know who had access to his phone the day those calls connected. Should be interesting if the defense calls him in their case in chief.

    1. Man, I could have been the next Columbo.

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