It was the suspected robber — not his victim — who was “covered in blood” when police got to an Oklahoma City crime scene early Sunday morning.

The robber, Bernard Eugene Laster, Jr., 42, and another man had knocked on a disabled 62-year-old man’s door on Aug. 12 asking for a drink, according to Oklahoma City police. The man, who was inside the apartment with a woman, decided to let Laster come in even though he didn’t know Laster before he knocked on the door.

But Laster wouldn’t leave the apartment when the man asked him to, the man told police. Instead, Laster whipped out a gun and attempted to rob the 62-year-old, according to police.

That’s when the 62-year-old fought back — reaching to get his hands on the gun and fighting the would-be robber over it, according to police.

Eventually the victim gained the upper hand and wrested the gun from the attempted robber. The gun fired once but didn’t strike anyone amid the chaos in the apartment, police said.

Once the victim had Laster’s gun in his hands, he wasn’t afraid to use it: He “pistol whipped the suspect multiple times,” police said.

An arrest affidavit said Laster “got the hell beat out of him” — and then was shoved down some stairs by the victim, KFOR reports.

Laster’s mugshot shows him with a severely swollen black eye and a couple other wounds to his face.

“Fortunately the victim is okay,” Oklahoma City Police spokesperson Megan L. Morgan told McClatchy in an email.

When officers arrived around 1 a.m. to respond to the reported assault, neighbors pointed them to Laster. He was battered, bloody and walking away from the crime scene, police said.

Police took Laster into custody, and then transported him to the hospital, according to police. Laster has been arrested on suspicion of firearm possession and armed robbery, KFOR reports.

Morgan said the victim’s disability is related to one of his legs.