Just for information today Scott McFarlane will be back in court in front of Judge Moody for arraignment, and preliminary hearing setting.

The hearing is scheduled for 1 o’clock and is unknown which court it is IN at this time. I will be there to report what happens by expected to be short.

Just as a reminder for anybody that may not know, Scott McFarland appeal to Judge Moody on the hold order by Judge Zuniga had been granted but the District Attorney’s Office refiled the charges the next day.

In addition, since this restarted his case all over again they were able to use a challenge to Judge Zuniga and had her excuse from the case, it was then referred to Judge Westbrook in department 10, and the District Attorney’s Office used their challenge against Judge Westbrook. It finally found the lap of Judge Moody who had originally dismissed the case against Walter Wells in the appeal.

So, there’ll be a report up tomorrow night in regard to what happens in court tomorrow but I expected to be a short hearing, but you never know.