Eighteen weeks and sixty-six days in the courtroom, I am witnessing a monumental meltdown of the case against Frank Carson and the Athwal brothers in the killing of Korey Kauffman. The prosecution in a murder case usually establishes the cause of death very early in their case in chief. We still have no absolute proof of how Korey Kauffman actually died. No evidence has been presented to the jury on the cause of death. Korey Kauffman had the life style where he simply could have died from a drug overdose. He and his Stepfather Kevin Pickett visited the Mulberry Mobile Home Park in Turlock to buy drugs on the day that he allegedly died.

Korey Kauffman had several people who threatened his life just days before he became missing. There was a Norteno gang member named Rudolfo Gonzalez who tried to run him over, and threatened his life over a scrapped and dismantled trailer. Korey was supposed to share the proceeds from the recycling of that trailer with him. Korey Kauffman and a man named Danny Cisco, according to testimony, had stolen some tools from a tire shop that was associated with a man named Jason Armstrong, and the Hells Angels. Everyone was afraid of Jason Armstrong, especially Michael Cooley. Michael Cooley was desperate to get the tools returned to Jason Armstrong. Michael Cooley was involved with these tools in some manner. The prosecution has tried to show that Robert Woody and the Athwal brothers threatened Korey Kauffman with the famous “Your Ass Is Grass” threat from a dark car with tinted windows. The testimony concerning this alleged threat is conflicting at best.

The judge has limited the defense attorneys from using a “Third Party” defense argument in everything except Michael Cooley. The defense is prepared to present three witnesses that will testify that Michael Cooley confessed to them that he killed Korey Kauffman. After watching and taking notes on much of the Preliminary Examination, and much of the real trial, I have Michael Cooley pegged as my number one suspect. If you really look at Michael Cooley’s actions after Korey Kauffman went missing, you can see how he was trying to deflect his guilt onto someone else. Frank Carson, who was the victim of theft by Korey Kauffman, was the logical person to frame. It is interesting that testimony in this trial has shown that Michael Cooley had stolen many items from the Carson property. The trail leading from the Carson property that went to the hole in the fence, went through Michael Cooley’s back yard. Michael Cooley buried Korey Kauffman’s bicycle in his back yard. Why would he do this?

Michael Cooley had a rather easy time in convincing the District Attorney to believe that Frank Carson had been the person behind the death of Korey Kauffman. The District Attorney hates Frank Carson. Frank was very hard to beat in the courtroom, and was a frequent critic of the District Attorney’s Office. Frank Carson was pressing charges against DA Investigator Steve Jacobson for assault in the courthouse. There were court proceedings concerning jury tampering by Steve Jacobson in the AJ Pontillo case. Frank Carson defended AJ Pontillo, and won the case outright. Even the alternate jurors were in favor of acquittal in that case. Frank Carson had the courage to run against Birgit Fladager for DA of Stanislaus County. During the campaign, it was revealed in the Modesto Bee that he was a person of interest in the killing of Korey Kauffman. This doomed his bid for DA. He wanted to “Drain the Swamp.” So many things are wrong with our District Attorney’s Office. Just as Jacobson was going to be tried for assault, and jury tampering, Frank Carson’s world was turned upside down by being arrested. Everything magically went away concerning Jacobson’s legal issues.

Nothing has gone right for Marlisa Ferreira thus far in this trial. We have testimony from Kevin Pickett who is the Stepfather of Korey Kauffman. Kevin Pickett testified that Korey Kauffman had lived with him every day since he was very small. Kevin Pickett testified that Korey Kauffman went missing on March 29, 2012. This is a day before the prosecution says he was killed by the Athwal brothers on the Carson property. We have a picture of Korey Kauffman’s grave stone. It clearly lists his date of death as being March 29, 2012. Kevin Pickett was a prosecution witness, but his testimony seems to be a silver bullet for the prosecution’s theories in this case. Kevin Pickett testified that Korey Kauffman knew Michael Cooley, but was not his friend. Micheal Cooley testified that Korey Kauffman “Was like a son.” I think Kevin Pickett knows the truth here.

We have the testimony of the drug addicted thieves that have been destroyed on the stand by the defense. Christina DeFelippo’s description of Michael and Ricky Cooley as the “White trash twins” is spot on. Eula Keyes was destroyed on the stand. Why the investigators never did cell phone analysis on the Cooley and Keyes phones confounds me. Perhaps they did not want to find out the truth, because it would stop their case against Frank Carson.

Jim Cook, the self-proclaimed cell phone expert just might have destroyed his career with his work on this case. He had already been thoroughly impeached on the stand by the defense, and then committed suicide by checking on his cell phone tower mapping by using Google Map. Jim Cook testified on the stand that he had never used Google Map in his mapping. The very next day, it was revealed by Marlisa Ferreira that he had used Google Map, and had determined that all his mapping concerning Frank Carson’s property being in an overlap zone was incorrect. This puts a dagger into her case. Without a doubt, Jim Cook committed perjury when he denied on the stand that he had never used Google Map. What do you want to bet he never gets charged by our District Attorney? Jim Cook had been “Eye Balling” his analysis, and using a protractor and compass instead of using Google Map to accurately make his maps. How many innocent defendants have been convicted based on his faulty work? I think all of his convictions will need to be looked into. He could be busy for years dealing with the fallout from this mess.

We are going to have testimony from the female officer that totally contaminated the crime scene and evidence that was discovered in the woods near Mariposa. Nothing that was collected at the crime scene was handled correctly. The defense will show that key “Game Cam” photographs of people at the grave site in Mariposa have disappeared. The time line of what allegedly happened the night that Korey Kauffman’s body was allegedly moved from Pop N Cork Liquors to the mountains is impossible. You just can’t do everything the prosecution says was done in the timeline that has been presented in the testimony.

Marlisa Ferreira will very soon put Robert Woody on the stand. He will be shown to be a serial liar by the defense. He has changed his story at least 13 times since the beginning of this fiasco. He will probably change it again. The defense has a tape where he is telling his father: “They want me to lie daddy.” That just comes naturally for Robert Woody. His mother held up a sign at the downtown jail telling him to change his testimony in order to conform to what she had just testified to. He will be destroyed on the stand by the defense.

This whole trial will boil down to what we call reasonable doubt. I have no doubt that the jury will find that there is much more than reasonable doubt. They will see that it is probable that one of the prosecution’s witnesses in this case was the person who actually killed Korey Kauffman. The sick thing is that I am convinced the prosecution actually knows it is probable that he killed Korey Kauffman. Through their hatred of Frank Carson, this person will probably never have to answer for his crime, and Tony Kauffman will never get the justice he deserves.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)