Recently some disclosures were made in regard to some people in this case. It was inappropriate it was self-serving and it gives no benefit to anybody but the person that made these disclosures. It comes as a result of an extreme self-serving short minded person wishing to gather more attention to himself.

This person and his staff have apparently developed some type of intimate relationship with the District Attorney’s Office and appear they may be trying to work to their benefit. Be as a condition of avoiding pending charges I don’t really know.

Also just for information this individual has plagiarized Dawgs Blog, and stolen the intelligence properties of Tom Jensen one of the contributors to this site. This person was not able to be in the courtroom for some time but I have a recording where he is reading Tom Jensen’s article verbatim on his radio show, in addition I have a second recording where he says they have to keep monitoring Dawgs Blog every day keep updated on the Frank Carson case so they can report the happenings.

Also note that this individual’s “facilitator” has been making transcripts of Dawgs blogs podcasts and sending them that to the District Attorney’s Office. There is only one conclusion that could be made from doing that, especially since they were in negotiations with the District Attorney’s Office in regard to possible pending charges against him.

That was also addressed in the last court appearance when the facilitator addressed the court on behalf of his client. Also note that this facilitator does not have a bar card and is not a licensed attorney, and for some reason judge Zuniga went off the record every time he addressed the court. And that was done in two separate but consecutive hearings, and multiple times during each hearing.

Sometime back this individual also started a vicious campaign to discredit against myself, telling a large number of people how big of an ass hole I am, and that also I was a spy working for George Petrulakis. I do not know why George Petrulakis would need a spy following the Frank Carson et al. case, nor have I ever met the man. Again, another self-serving type of behavior.

These attacks are not new to Dawgs Blog since I became involved in the Frank Carson case.

There was an ongoing campaign with people like Linda Taylor a.k.a. “copsucker” who had obvious intimate connections to the District Attorney’s Office, as was proven by the FBI reports with her name on them and holding an affidavit of an un-served search warrant in her hand during the interview with the FBI. Refer to Dawgs Blog report dated May 19, 2015 titled: justice has prevailed or AJ Pontillo.

It seems that some people to develop these intimate relationships with the District Attorney’s Office end up doing these types of things.

Case in point again is Mr. Microphone Mark Davis, who was facing several felony cases that eventually just seem to disappear especially when Marlisa Ferreira, Mark Davis’s friend, became the prosecutor on the case. In addition, Mark Davis had done some work for the District Attorney’s Office as an agent by going into pop n cork and recording conversations with the Atwals at the store. These conversations and recordings were turned over as discovery to the defense.

Another individual that has seemed to skirt beyond the boundaries of the law, is one Carrie Abby. Who was a former deputy sheriff that was involved in an off-duty and shooting while trying to collect rent for her father. After search warrants were served investigations discovered a large amount of other paraphernalia including steroids among other things that also included her husband.

Miss Abby was able to walk away from her charges with minimal exposure after she got involved in the Frank Carson investigation, after losing her job as an deputy, by videotaping some of the activities during the election campaign of 2014. She was videotaping Frank Carson and some others during some public rallies.

Note to that Carrie Abby had the same attorney that the investigator in her case, Steve Jacobson had, when he was accused of jury tampering in the AJ Pontillo case. That also appears to be a conflict of interest on the attorney’s part. So maybe she was never in jeopardy at any time anyway.

So, it appears that some people are willing to save their souls by any means necessary, and even when there disclose dear friends are in trouble they’re willing to talk out of turn and endangered them even more. It is sad how badly some people really need attention.

There also has been a large number of witnesses in this case who obviously are testifying under immunity or making agreements on pending charges, cases or sentencing.

So, the bottom line is there so many self-serving people in this case like this who want the attention, to make a deal, to get their name in the paper, or just a simple social event to try to make them feel important.

Whatever the case may be is not in the best interest of these defendants for all this drama when all we need is to truth to come out in this case of these defendants to get on with their lives. But sadly the people don’t care except about themselves and not the people who are real jeopardy here.

Loose lips sink ships

looking forward to tomorrow we have in the morning to finish the 402 hearing concerning some of the background of Mike Maunakea, then the jury comes in at 1:30 PM to continue hearing testimony.

Also the other day the DA mentioned a possible next few witnesses who are Dominic Saldana, Sherry Hendrix, and to be seen but I’m sure soon Robert Woody coming up.





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  1. I wonder how this person could hurt the person who defended him in court proceedings. How could he justify this intrusion of privacy is beyond me. The older he gets, the more dysfunctional he seems to become.He will probably come into the courtroom, and fall asleep in ten minutes like usual. He tries to remain relevant in a world that passed him by years ago. I was forced to exclude him from my life over a year ago. I could not tolerate his actions any more. Does the Carson family really want him to return to the courtroom? I feel sorry for him. He wants to try to be the center of attention. The attention he will get from his latest antics will certainly not make him very popular. Tom Jensen

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