I received this email today from someone who wish to remain anonymous but obviously works at the Black Oak Casino.

Obviously there some type of issue here but is not very clear what it is, and this happened some time ago so were hoping to reach out to the public to possibly get someone to respond and explain what the situation is.

An old training officer used to tell me: “it may be nothing, it may be on nothing that could be something, it may be something.”

So, if anybody is familiar with this situation, or even some possible information please let me know so I can advise and maybe get some clarification or help for somebody that may need it.

Here is the message that I received with the names redacted but everything else is unchanged:

One evening a man came up to me as I was working At Black Oak Casino…and started telling me he had something very important .that needed to get out to the public and media….it was in a cell phone…and he thought I looked like the type that would get it to them…he looked. At me straight in my eyes and stressed how very Important this was. People lifes depended on this info..my co workers heard and my Boss… I was not able to take the phone due to is value. At the casino my job doesn’t allow tip over a certain amount..at the time. I beleive it was 20..dollars value…..the Man was so set on getting that phone to me , he left it with my Boss Juana…and then went to the gift shop and bought gift cards worth around 5000…to hand out to my coworkers threw out the casino…my boss had to give the phone to security …i have never heard of seen of it since….i explained to security .what the man had told me….but how similar.   I have tried in get more info from casino….but nothing….call if you think it is important….i think you might remember.    Hope it is not connected to Frank Carson I thought it was a 🍎 phone ..cause it looked expensive

If anyone knows please contact me belowin the contact form that I have placed within or send an email to dawgonnitdawgsblog@gmail.com.

All communications will be strictly confidential.