Recently at the end of Jim Cook’s testimony I submitted a letter to the editor to the Modesto bee. Though brief, I outlined the expenses involved in Jim Cook’s testimony along with the result that they got from his testimony.

The letter was not published in the letters to the editor, but I was contacted by Brian Clark advising that there are going to try to have more coverage of the Carson case in the newspaper, but statistics showed that the articles did not do very well.

So apparently the Modesto bee does not feel that the taxpayers have a “need to know” of how their tax dollars are being spent in this county.

But the next day in court reporter Kevin Valine was present for at least part of the day and did an article that was very well written. They Have not been back since, and that was the first time they were there since opening arguments in April.

This weekend I contacted Brian Clark, the editor, with a proposition of a partnership which would be at no expense to them.

Here is a copy and paste of that letter:

Sat 9/8/2018 4:40 PM

To Brian Clark editor Modesto bee:

Our recent conversation has given me idea you may want to consider.

I am in court every day following the Frank Carson case for my blog, if you are willing I propose a partnership.

Every day I will submit to you a short synopsis of what occurred in court, for publication in the Modesto bee if you are willing

to publish that synopsis every day without altering the facts. I understand that editing must be done and there are word count issues.

All I ask in return is that you maintain the facts submitted and acknowledge the source and more details can be seen on Dawgs Blog.

Please respond with any suggestions or ideas or if this type of sharing information is possible.

Please let me know what you think of this proposal as I think that it can benefit both of us.

Marty Carlson

sole proprietor

(Dawgs Blog)

Apparently, the Modesto bee feels local issues are not of value to their newspaper. As most of their articles are stories from out of the area.

Here is a response that I received:

Sun 9/9/2018 7:29 AM

Hi Marty,

I appreciate the offer. But I can’t do that. Rosalio will continue to monitor and cover as necessary. I hear Robert Lee Woody will be testifying soon. We will be there for that and write on other matters as needed. Thanks.

Brian L. Clark

Editor, The Modesto Bee


Work: 209-578-2362


Address: 948 11th Street, Modesto, CA 95354

Most of the reporters from the Bee that I have had contact with, namely Deke Farrow and Kevin Valine, do a pretty decent job and are respectable. Though I have no issues personally with Rosalio Rahumada, his style of cut and paste reporting is mostly repetitive and non-informative, thus the reason for the low statistics on those articles. It also shows the lack of community involvement from the bee and not taking this seriously and what’s going on in this case and County.

Tell me what you think…….






  1. You made the Modesto Bee a fair and generous offer.

  2. Keep it up, Marty. Sooner or later the response will be in the change of circulation figures. May there be a connection to Frank Carson or his family and the BEE?

  3. You don’t work for the DA that’s why your offer was declined. (my opinion). Anyway the Bee would rather post on issues that don’t concern this community. There has been a lot of people on FB complaining how they have reached the max on reading for the month and requesting them to subscribe to the Bee. It’s seems the Bee is using FB to solicit to people. Your offer was more than generous.

  4. The D.A. spoon feeds the Bee the info that they want the public to hear.
    Just like the judge and D.A. control the evidence the jury is allowed to hear.

  5. Someday Marty, the truth will be known by the general public. Had the DA had some real evidence that Frank Carson was guilty of murder, now that would be big front page news. Truth is, the public is not too interested in reading about testimony that proves nothing. This case has been enlightening to me. Most people think like Judge Z; they want to believe that cops and the DA would never ever intentionally prosecute innocent people. As one person said to me in a comment, “Why would they? What would they have to gain?” Actually they have one of life’s most powerful motivations to gain, revenge. I do not know if it is because most people do not know, or do not care. The fact that innocent people are being prosecuted and wrongfully dragged through a tortuously long mock proceeding is not the kind of news many people care to hear about. They want to continue to live in their happy little fantasy world, and listen to their fake news that tells them only what they want to hear. Rosalio is very good at telling people what they want to hear.

    Korey Kauffman is not the type of victim that most people would have strong empathy for. The alleged circumstances that caused his death were not heinous. He allegedly was killed while committing a burglary. Some people would even say that he got what was coming to him. Did he deserve to die? Some people would say he did.

    Most people do not realize how fucked up our legal system is. It is a mess; a colossal train wreck. The reason it is a mess is because the people in charge have no morality, no ethics, no integrity, and are not motivated by simple concepts like justice and right from wrong.

  6. I agree with all the comments here. I also wrote letters to the Bee as well as the Turlock Journal, with the same results. Seems as though the papers won’t print anything the DA doesn’t want the public to see.
    For shit sakes people. There is an election coming up, and the tax payers of Stanislaus County need to be advised as to what this elected office of the DA is up to.Prosecute innocent people for practice?

    1. Hence why the Bed and Turlock Journal won’t p partner with Marty, in my honest opinion. The people really need to know how the jurisdiction just doesn’t work anymore.

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