Good morning everybody, this is Marty from Dawgs Blog. In the noontime report of the Frank Carson et al trial on September 11, 2018. The court was scheduled to start at 9 o’clock, the jury was up around 9:21 and they’re taking up some general business, they’re for off the record and the judge finally was on the bench at 9:28 a.m.

They have Frank Navarro, took the stand and the DA was asking Navarro about his contacts with officer Jesse Bacam and the Atwals, the contact between Bacam and the Atwals and were there any other contacts other than what he had previously played. And what they played was a July 10, 2012, July 9 of 2012 and there were apparently no other wiretaps apparently that they had other than those two dates. The wiretap from a July 9, 2012 between Daljit Atwal and Jesse Backman was played, and it was Daljit Atwal calling Backman talking about the people that were following him after he got off work at three or 4 o’clock in the morning. And apparently there was a picture of some sort that Dalgit Atwal had taken somehow in a Backman city being showed the picture to the other officers and they were talking about they felt could’ve been a possible set up for an armed robbery or something along that line. It was a very short call. Then played transcript from I’m sorry, played the call from July 10, 2012. During both transcripts were played it out to the jury so they can read along and Daljit Atwals called Jesse Backman talking about detectives that has come to his house. Jesse Backman said he was off work. He didn’t know what was going on. He was on vacation for a week and was heading out of town. Dalgit Atwal describe the vehicle he was being a black Chrysler 300 that was following him, and it was a brief call. Frank Navarro was asked about the second call on July 9, 2012. If there is a policy against renting or a department policy running registration or license plates for personal use or for the average citizen and Navarro said that that was against policy to do that.

They then talked about the call data records about Daljit Atwal and it showed the calls also a date range that was done from August 12, 2011 to July 1 of 2012 was used to get the information for this subject matter. They said CER was pulled from 18 DV is a search warrant but is information was turned over from Jim Cook. Daljit Atwal records and Jesse Bacman records showed there were 16 total calls and they gave the dates on knock on list all that date range that he had it given. In addition, there was 8 calls around that same time. Sorry from the nine 2611 to 918 of 2014 there was 8 total calls from Scott McFarlane to Jesse Baucom. He said there was one call from Sandy Lee of Villalobos when he checked from 2011 to 2015. There was one call on March 17, 2011. He also noted that Daljit Atwal to Jesse Bacam. There were between 1-11 of 2011 to August 20, 2013; there were a total of 73 calls between the two devices.

Said he had been in Turlock PD since 2008. He had caught, he had contact with Jesse Bacam and Jason Watson. They were both known to be in the drug unit and Marlisa Ferreira asked a question about if he saw Jason Bacam wearing anything unusual. I really don’t know where she was going with that. That let into another sidebar that was never asked again so I don’t know where she was going. He stated in July 2012 he was, he did not own a Chrysler 300, but he did ride in that car one day, with Kurt Bunch and that was the car that was following Dalgit apparently. After a sidebar there was no further questioned by the DA.

Attorney Hans started asking questions and he was he asked Frank Navarro where he got the calls and the experience he has about the detail records. He said he had worked several cases with CDR’s, but he had never testified in court and the CDRs for specific information like they’re using in this case they run. They have software at Turlock Police Department where there’s a connection between phone numbers and he ran the information from one 1-11 to 8-11- 2013. He said there was no others. So, they ended up going on talking about the device in one call and the timeframe used. He didn’t really know, this is the information that was turned over to him. So, he went more into using a different format and that led to a long sidebar.

When they came back from the sidebar, the DA apparently had a clarifying something first; explaining that the CDR process and that he received from Jim Cook on the flash drive that he had transferred the information onto Excel format. It was under a different format when he received it from Jim Cook apparently is just a copy of the DAs copy is what it is. He took four records of all the people he talked about the search for Jesse Bacam phone number and the correlations of within those day periods. He is done with Dalgit Atwal, Sandy Villalobos and Scott McFarlane. On testing myth that the flashlight that he was looking at received in court was the same one that he had used, and he said it was a CDR that Jim Cook had put together where they received from AT&T. He looked very confused at that question is because he didn’t really know, and he had no way of knowing. At this point the jury was sent out at 10:25 as they needed to talk about this issue because there is a lot of confusion and they need to sit down and clarify it because it’s just getting more confusing with Frank Navarro and these CDR’s in this information that he developed. Attorney Hans after the witness and the jury left the room talked about Jim Cook current CDR’s and was selective in his information that he prepared. It appears that he interpreted some information that, and not went by the facts themselves. It appears that he was not clear who did what in this paperwork and he’s not sure what was reviewed by Frank Navarro as the information the empty info was, not complete. That Frank Navarro was depending on Jim Cook information that has been proven to not be accurate.

The DA said the only thing that was changed if they changed the time from general means time to Pacific daylight Time. She says the data has not changed. Attorney Hans argued that the DA that Jim Cook has the DA says that Jim Cook has generated the information, but unknown what he has done. The CDR still contain some different information according to what he’s looking at. The records are in different formats and the info has changed. Frank Navarro is using Jim Cook’s information, and no one is again aware of all the information. So, what they decide is an issue that’s been be cleared up later. And were coming back at 1:15 this afternoon to do just that. And so, they decide going to other areas was Frank Navarro.

The jury finally got back up around 11:15 AM. As that we took a break. Jai Gohel was asking Frank Navarro regarding Bockman and Watson if they had different assignments and if Bockman would work in any other assignments. Bockman had worked to the narcotics task force, some SWAT and now is a Sgt. And he asked again is a license plate running a license plate, a violation of a policy but Frank Navarro did not know the name of that the number of that policy off the top of his head. Frank Navarro did say that he was familiar with the general order manual and the policies of the department, but he couldn’t quote verbatim of what the policy said or exactly the language that was used. This led to another sidebar as it seems to be the case are on this. The thing they do in this case! He said that officers, when we came back from the sidebar. He said officers entered an ID to run checks in the computers at the login but he didn’t know if Bockman did or not, because he didn’t check because he couldn’t use another computer that another officer was logged into or how many ways of doing it so there’s really no way to find out if he had actually done it. It is not a violation he said of policy to have civilian friends. After Jai was going into that area that they were having problems with them being friends of the Atwals and if of civilian report suspicious activity if it he can an officer run a license plate. And that he said there is no policy or any codes or anything that he knows of that says he can’t. Asked about the wiretaps on July 2012 that there was many people listening into the wiretaps that were law enforcement officers and he says there were many there was DOJ. There were officers from all the agencies, task forces, many people listening these wiretaps. The license that was ran occurred in 2012 and in January 2015 Bacam made Sgt. and then in check oil asked Navarro if Bacam outranks him a quickset led to a major objection, Jai said no further questions.

Percy Martinez was up next. He was at he asked Navarro about Steve Jacobson have come up to Frank Navarro and Michael Maunakea last Friday and was Steve Jacobson, who transport Maunakea to and from court. He has contacted Maunakea prior to Friday about four years ago during an investigation of a fraud complaint of some sort. He made a contact at a house on Olive, but he was not in fact looking for Maunakea. He’s looking for somebody else. This led to a sidebar. He asked about, didn’t come back to Percy asked about his relationship with Bacam. He was a co-worker. Bacam was already there in 2008, did he investigate Bacam with his association with the Atwals. He said no he didn’t, did not involve himself in the intimidation of 2012 and he was asked about his goatee for some no further questions.

DA went back to do the re, re, re re, re- direct after a sidebar. Asked if he ever assisted drug unit at a search warrant to Maunakea’s house on Kenwood. He said no. The North Olive house that he contacted Maunakea he was, not the subject of the investigation, it was incidental contact, but he was looking for his son Vegas Maunakea and he had no problems. He was friendly that day and out in the hallway. He was friendly too, he was very cordial. Did he ever discuss the situation with Jesse Bacam? He said no. Running the license plate need number or what I said if it was him, this is what he normally does; he advises dispatch of these make in a contact of some sort so there is a least a bit number or case number, or both, where he can attach to what he’s running that license plate for. Another sidebar and then Marlisa Ferreira asked about the cage unit it’s a gang task force assisted the drug units in investigations and searches and stuff at times in 2011, 2012. A cage unit in the drug unit work together and they did work together, and they talk together with Dominic Hernandez, a member of the cage unit but is unknown if he assisted at the Maunakea home to search on Kenwood. He was asked if he reported Jesse Baucom’s contact to anyone at any time in 2012 he said he reported the phone calls to the chief Robert Jackson, the wiretaps and that were intercepted or reported to chief Jackson. Jai Gohel asked again if he reported Baucom to the chief in then still into 2015 made him Sgt. and that’s the only thing he asked. And the DA wants to re-open direct now asked about Dominic Hernandez intercepted talking to the Atwals. He said yes in 2011. He was asked if he reported Dominic Hernandez to the chief like he did Bacam. He said yes, and both are still employed by the office.

The jury was sent out for lunch at 11:50 AM and Jai Gohel addressed the court with the jury and that the witness out that chief Jackson telling chief Jackson saying the way the DA brought up the chief Jackson left, it appeared that he left because of the misconduct by the officers and was may have been misleading to the jurors. The DA argued that Jai Gohel made the insinuation that Bockman made Sgt. there have been a number of internal affairs investigations on these officers as a result of that information, so she just revealed that there were internal investigations on these officers which I’m sure they appreciate her doing that. Judge Zuniga said that the defense saying Sgt. Bockman, now a Sergeant, so he must not have not done anything wrong is what the appearance that he’s trying to say and the chief did appear that the DA was trying to indicate the chief was gone to the officers may have been misleading to the jury what is affirmed and stated to the court that Jesse Backman was made Sgt. 2015. Chief Jackson was not chief that was done by another somebody else that was then chief so it’s 2011 and 2012 are the issues and then she went on into. another patented rant and I quits writing.

So finally Judge Zuniga told the DA has attacked the officer’s character, defense has a right to rehab the officers in making someone a Sgt. goes to that rehabilitation. That information goes to rehabilitation and she did say that saying the chief was not there at the time does make a reference of the issues of the officers is why the chief left some. That’s when we broke for lunch. We’re coming back at 1:15 to talk, but that is an issue with somebody with Frank Navarro and Hans still has some questions to go.




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