New “Lingerie for Men”

is Blowing Up the Internet

A new lingerie line for men has been blowing up the internet because, mostly, I think, men look funny in lacy bras? And also, “Grrr Millennials!” Really though, men in lingerie isn’t exactly anything new. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is almost 50-years-old (!!) which means your dad has been sneaking out to smuggle his plums in a Teddy your whole life. Yeah, I said it. Wanna fight?

All of that is to say that the new men’s lingerie brand HommeMystere doesn’t strike me as anything terribly shocking, despite half the internet acting like this brand is going to normalize and popularize men in lacy attire, for better or worse. You like to wear this for your wife? Or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend? Honestly whatever. I’m not interested in litigating — socially or otherwise — what someone wears in the privacy of their bedroom unless it’s a strap-on chainsaw or clothes you stole from your neighbor’s kids.

This isn’t really shocking stuff. Except for the bras. The other stuff serves a purpose, for both feel and junk shaping. But the bras? That’s just extraneous nonsense. They shape nothing and, also, women don’t even like bras. I’m pretty sure when my girlfriend walks in the door after work her bra comes off her chest before her purse comes off her shoulder. No one wants to wear bras.

The only reason to buy the bra is to, I guess, complete the outfit? You could not talk me into wearing one of these bras unless it was for content purposes and/or monetary gain. There are probably men out there who are into this and, again, that is fine, as these bras are neither Stihl nor Oshkosh, but still. They’re a lot.
But hey, you do you, men’s lingerie wearers.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what HommeMystere’s mission statement is, it’s pretty wonderfully straightforward.

We love designing and making fun, comfortable, unique lingerie – for people with packages!