The morning session was scheduled to start at 9 AM in judging it on the bench until about 9:25 AM and handed attorneys into chambers prior to getting on the bench.

Apparently one of the jurors had ended up in the hospital last night due to asthma attack and was calling in sick for today.

In addition, some of the interpreters there were not able to show up due to traffic and some other type of issue and there is only one interpreter present.

The remaining jurors that were here were called up around 935 to be dismissed for the day.

After that was done they talked about some general business and Marlisa Ferreira wanted to introduce into evidence number 379 which was the CDR report converted to a spreadsheet by Frank Navarro. Attorney Hans objected is not relevant he saying the Frank Amaro did not have the ability to properly read the CDR’s in addition he did not enter the information correctly.

Marlisa Ferreira argued it’s the same information is just in a different format and the issue of relevancy is not a valid argument as it is the same records that have been submitted before it just isolates the four people. She also noted that the records are in UTC time so some of the times did change she again was started going a long rant as she typically does and ended up with this relevant and it goes to the credibility of Jesse Bockman and Mike Maunakea.

Attorney Hans argued that the witness and cut and paste portions but not all of it is a business record and can be misleading. The Excel sheet that he did shows different information for different people and there is no consistency in the connections are co-mingled some are not even part of the CDR.

Percy Martinez argued the witness can’t tell which calls were what, and it was confusing.

The district attorney said it was the same record just turned up a bit he did say some more text and some were calls.

Attorney Hans argued again looking at the document and comparing to the files on the computer the records on the computer shall show a lot more specific information that on the Excel sheet so again still misleading.

The DA said some of that information is not relevant it was about contact between people not for mapping or anything else.

Judge Zuniga noted the argument that the witness could not open the files without help and Mr. Navarro had actually open the records with assistance of something on Kirk bunches phone. The witness also stated it would take some time, in fact he said it took him three hours the other day to find the records. The record was allowed as to the original records. And the only counted the number of contacts and was looking at what records were already obtained. She says it does go to the reliability of Sgt. Baucom so it is relevant as to be an argumentative there is a piece that is argumentative the phone numbers are on all record already the tally and the contacts which were 70 3411 for another 16 for another in eight for the last the account is hearsay and its contents are also hearsay.

The judge Zuniga modified the document and it was approved by all attorneys to be used in that manner. There were some other things discussed and Tom was in the courtroom I had a step out and go to the clerk’s office and Tom will be covering the rest of it bit it was very short and there were done about 11:30 AM and so there is no court the rest of the day and coming back at 9 AM tomorrow.

Based on this to be no podcast tonight.





  1. Marty,

    You need a different “Spell Checker” or “Grammar” software. Perfection is NOT the goal;meaning is the goal.


    Please do not post.

  2. I am sorry you did not get the “meaning” of the article as I am not perfect. BTW I did not post your comment you did.

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