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on arriving at the courthouse this morning, I did notice some of the early arriving jurors leaving the court and I felt that was an indication of what happened. The jurors temporarily were notified of no court due to the same juror still being sick, but attorneys were not notified.

The court opened up at 9 o’clock all attorneys went into chambers and 9:08 am, then around 9:17 am the judge was on the bench.

The judge did note that it was mentioned in the chambers if this continues to be a problem they will talk to the juror and a decision will have to be made.

Percy Martinez also admitted a changed photo array, that were of the color photos, of the property seized at the Maunakea house.

Marlisa Ferreira also asked that any reports or names of experts used by Attorney Hans when he had to close examined sometime back. Hans stated that at this time he has no intent on calling the expert, but that could possibly change at any time.

Court was put in recess until 9 AM Tuesday as no court is scheduled for tomorrow.

This afternoon scheduled at 1 o’clock is a Scott McFarland arraignment and I believe it’s in department # 8


Also note there is no podcast tonight.