Somehow, I got my wires crossed in regard to Scott McFarland arraignment hearing today. It was not today it was last Monday and obviously I did not check properly on that date.

But I have been informed of what happened Monday.

Judge Moody is still insisting that this prelim is going to take one day, Marlisa Ferreira insisting is going to take 4 to 6 weeks. The DAs office also wanted to postpone the pre-lim until January 2019. Does that give you an estimate of the Carson case? It does me.

Larry Niemeyer, Scott McFarlane’s attorney, is insisting setting as a time not waived preliminary hearing, and is upholding his right to a continuous preliminary hearing. Meaning they can’t try to have the prelim on just Mondays or broken up into other days. It needs to be one continuous prelim.

Marlisa Ferreira also stated there is a possible resolution in the case, which apparently was news to Larry Niemeyer. He didn’t seem to be aware of any such thing.

The next date for Scott McFarland arraignment is October 1, and judge Moody says prelim will start immediately thereafter on a time not waived basis.

October 1 is a Monday and I will be able attend that hearing no problem due to the scheduling in department #2, but there will be some need for some help to cover both the trial and his preliminary hearing if anybody is available during that time. Please let me know in private message or any way you see fit.




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